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Redefining Antique Jewelry

Deepna Antique Necklace Set
Aina Antique Necklace Set
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Aina Antique Long Necklace Set

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The term ‘antique’ in jewelry refers to the age of the jewelry. Any jewelry that is at least 100 years old can be termed antique jewelry. In fashion jewelry, the term ‘antique’ is used to differentiate jewelry that has an antique, rusty look. Antique Indian jewelry comes in different designs, such as antique earrings, necklace sets, pendants, chokers, and more. Various motifs are used to embellish antique Indian jewelry, such as designs of gods and goddesses, geometric, lotus, elephants, peacocks, geometric shapes, or tribal designs.   

Antique Earrings

You can find antique Indian earrings in different shapes, such as antique jhumkas which have a distinct bell-like form, or antique chandbalis, which have a crescent moon shape. Then we have the usual studs, drop earrings, and hoop earrings. Antique jhumkas have been prevalent in India for ages. Something about the bell-like shape of a jhumka has been attracting Indian women for centuries. You can find antique earrings in yellow-gold or silver-oxidized plating though the demand for white-gold and rose-gold plated antique earrings is increasing. Two-tone earrings are also garnering popularity nowadays. Antique chandbali earrings have a graceful crescent moon shape that may be decorated with motifs of flowers, leaves, animals, birds, and other designs. Antique stud earrings can be worn daily or on special occasions and come in all sizes. Antique drop earrings give a flirty look as they move with the movement of the head and sometimes have thin metal strips dangling from the stud. Antique Indian earrings can be comfortably paired with ethnic Indian and Western outfits.. 

Antique Chokers

Indian antique choker sets have elaborate designs of years gone by as well as the years to come. You will find antique chokers with motifs of Indian gods called antique temple jewelry laid alongside chokers with modern or abstract designs. However, if you want an authentic Indian look, yellow-gold plated or sliver-oxidized chokers in motifs of temple, tribal, flowers, animals, etc., are the best choice. It will make you look authentic and give an extra dimension to your beauty. Antique chokers can be easily paired with other different-sized necklaces for a layered effect. 

Antique Necklace Sets

Antique necklace sets are around 16 to 18 inches long and can be worn with any outfit. They come in different designs such as temple, tribal, peacock, elephant, and others. Antique necklace sets can also be embellished with cubic zirconia stones, pearls, colorful beads, or enamel to add to their grace.

Antique Long Necklace Sets

Antique long necklace sets are 20 to 24 inches in length. They look very graceful when paired with ethnic wear and can be comfortably worn to any Indian event or celebration. They come in different designs and are handcrafted with care so that each piece looks flawless, which makes them the perfect choice for a bridal necklace. Antique long necklace sets can be worn along with antique chokers for a layered look.  

Antique Pendant Sets

Antique pendant sets have ornate, elaborately designed pendants hanging from a thin chain. They can be worn with a party dress for a minimalistic look. You will find exciting pendant designs such as peacocks, elephants, lotus, leaf, and more on antique pendant sets, along with adornments of stones, pearls, or enamel. 

Antique Bangles & Bracelets

Antique Indian bangles and bracelets have very ornate, delicate designs that make them eye-capturing. Antique bangles and bracelets can have a yellowish or silvery patina depending upon the plating. They can be studded with stones, pearls, or beads. You can wear delicate antique bangles and bracelets daily or to the office. In contrast, the heavier ones will be perfect for parties or celebrations.     

Antique Waist Bands

Waist bands are worn to accentuate your figure. They are a must-have piece of jewelry for South Indian brides especially. In keeping with traditions, you can find antique waist bands in designs of gods and goddesses or waist chains in simple leaf designs. If you are shopping for wedding jewelry, go for a heavy antique waist band elaborately designed and studded with stones or pearls. Waist bands can also be worn on special occasions or festivals. 

Antique Armlets

The graceful antique armlets go around the upper arm or biceps. They are another vital piece of South Indian bridal jewelry. You can find delicate antique armlets for simple occasions and elaborate ones for weddings or special events.   

Antique Hair Accessories

Antique hair accessories like antique maang tikkas, daminis, or hair brooch are worn by Indian brides to draw attention to their elaborate hairstyles. Antique hair accessories come in different temple or floral designs and are usually studded with premium stones, pearls, or beads.  

Antique Rings

Antique ring designs are made in different shapes and designs to suit different occasions. You can select a delicate antique Indian ring to wear daily or a bold statement piece to accessorize with for special events. 

Antique Anklets

Antique anklet designs usually have yellow-gold plating and delicate leaf designs. You can wear antique anklets with any ethnic outfit, be it a churidar, saree, or lehenga. They are sure to add to the beauty of your ankles. 

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