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11 Tips to Make Jewellery Shopping Easy and Fun

  • 3 min read

Jewellery shopping is one of those things which can be a fun and daunting task, at the same time. All those glittering pieces and colourful designs sure are eye-catching, but all that glitters isn’t gold. And in this blog we’ll teach you how to spot the best ones from the lot, while making the whole process fun and easy! 

#1 Choose your stones wisely!

Jewellers have been heating stones for a long time to enhance their color. But did you know an unheated Burma ruby can actually be 10-20 times more valuable than a heated African ruby? This isn’t something you can look and tell. The best way to know about the authenticity and quality of stones is to simply ask. Know about its place of origin and as always ask for a certification of quality

#2 Come prepared

If you are at the store or even jewellery shopping online, do your research about what you want to buy. From the plating to the type of Indian jewellery stones, it is always better to do a quick Google search online on your piece of interest. After all, knowledge is power, especially in a trade like jewellery.

#3 Know your audience

If you’re buying jewellery for a special someone, it’s always helpful to pair the jewellery with their personality and lifestyle. If they lead an active lifestyle, choose something lightweight and durable, like titanium or platinum. On the flipside items like gold an opal are less rugged.

#4 Jewellery is your second skin

When it comes to buying Indian jewellery online, it’s good to match your skin tone with the right jewellery. For example, cool skin tones carry white metals like silver or white gold better. Whereas warm skin tones look best with yellow metals such as copper. But there’s a reason why diamonds are called a woman’s best friend, as they can go with all skin tones!

#5 Less is more

It can be very tempting to go all out and buy all that you see. But be very wary of falling into that trip. Don’t let your jewellery outshine you, rather it should always compliment you. The best advice is to stick with a few pieces and not cover your body with bling!

#6 You are what you wear

When you shop for Indian jewellery, always keep in mind what you are going to wear. Know the necklines and sleeves. Long necklaces such as this Tarinika’s Celia Antique Necklace Set goes well with high necklines, whereas lower necklines go well with varying lengths. Also, a saree will call for an ethnic piece like our Anadhi Antique Necklace Set. Pick a style and make it the foundation of your look but avoid clashing your wardrobe by wearing something too flashy! 

#7 Color Theory

If you know your primary (red, blue, yellow) and secondary colors (purple, orange, green) then the world is your canvas! You can derive almost any color by mixing these and what you get are complementary colors. If you want to make a bold statement, the primaries are your best friend. 

Choose that as the base color for your dress and pick a complimentary jewellery piece. For example, yellow and gold will wash each other out. Instead, try a sapphire necklace. For a grey business suit, pick an orange piece, especially if the suit tints more towards blue.

#8 Pearly whites

Pearls can be a good alternative to diamonds. Pearls give you a lot more options and are comparatively lighter in the pocket as well. Moreover, they are an iconic complement to all styles. Something to think about when you are shopping for a special someone. Natural pearls are very rare. Steer clear of cheap imitation plastic pearls. But do look into cultured pearls. Look for luster, sheen, and smoothness.

#9 Take your friend

Nothing can beat a second opinion. Don’t be afraid to get one from a friend or family. More often than not a second opinion is all you need to seal the deal and quite literally look at the piece from a pair of new eyes.

#10 Know your style

What’s your day look like? Do you like loud parties or sombre evening soirees? Knowing yourself can help you tons while buying jewellery that complements your personality and style. Whether you plan to wear it on special occasions or every day, it is always good to know that you bought something keeping your lifestyle in mind. 

#11 Zoom in

Make sure to look for any imperfections or scratches on the metal. Buying from a trusted shop that gives a warranty and easy returns can be a life-saver. We pride ourselves in giving you the best product and the best after-sales service. Nevertheless, better safe than sorry!

  • Blog by: Lakshmi Ramisetty