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Shop Tarinika Indian Antique Armlets Online:

Antique armlets are an indelible part of the bridal trousseau and have retained their popularity across ages. Whether old or young, antique armlets appeal to women of all ages. In fact, in many parts of South India, you will find young girls looking very fetching in antique armlets on special occasions like religious ceremonies or wedding celebrations. Depending on their designs, wearing antique armlets is considered auspicious in Indian culture.

In the past, antique armlets used to be from precious metals like gold, diamonds, etc. due to which they were affordable to only the affluent sections of the society. With the advent of fashion jewelry trend in recent times, imitation antique armlets have become very affordable and accessible. In fact, in some instances, they are the preferred choice owing to the sheer variety of designs available. Antique armlets are worn on or below the sleeve of the dress. So, while shopping for antique armlets, keep in mind the color of the outfit as well as its patterns, embroidery, sleeve length and design, etc. so that you make the correct choice.

Antique armlets can look very feminine and charming if worn correctly. Match your antique armlets to your dress along with ensuring that the designs are occasion-appropriate. For example, you can choose ornate bold antique armlets in case you want to wear them with your bridal outfit for an outstanding appearance or go with simple delicate designs that are more suitable for an intimate religious ceremony or celebration.

Antique armlet designs are mostly inspired by the designs found on Indian temples. Thus, you can find recurring motifs of Gods and Goddesses, peacocks, lotuses, etc. on antique armlets. Three of our most popular antique armlets are described below:

Gunjan Antique Armlets:

With intricate dancing peacocks and floral motifs, the Gunjan Antique Armlets are meant to be eye-catching and can add the perfect finishing touch to your attire whether it's your wedding day or other wedding celebration. Belonging to our Monsoon Edit, the armlets are embellished with high-quality CZ and Kempu stones and dangling pearls to enhance their appearance.

Renuka Antique Armlets:

The Renuka Antique Armlets are a beautiful example of our artisans’ creativity. With timeless temple designs and dangling antique gold metal balls and central jhumki, these armlets will make you stand out from the crowd. You can find Goddess Lakshmi showering her blessings while enclosed between dancing peacocks. High-quality CZ and Kempu stones are encrusted throughout the design resulting in a spectacular piece of jewelry.

Vajra Antique Armlets:

The Vajra Antique Armlets is another stunning piece from our Monsoon Edit. Representing the majesty of nature during monsoons, you will find dancing peacocks, flowers, and leaf designs making up the armlets while colorful CZ stones and pearls make them the perfect choice for bridal trousseau or for attending wedding events.

Armlets are charming jewelry type that signify celebrations and happy events due to their popularity during weddings and ceremonies. While imitation antique armlets are more affordable as compared to the ones made from precious materials, comprehensive research is must for different brands in the market while buying imitation bridal antique armlets online so that you only buy from the brand which provides quality assurance and warranty on its jewelry.

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