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Our Story


"Owning a piece of jewelry is like celebrating the true essence of who you are." 

With that philosophy, we started off what's now called Tarinika.  Our philosophy is simple: deliver the best jewelry experience all around the world. As a result, only the finest and utmost unique designs become part of our collections.

We don't like or manufacture boring designs because we believe that if you own a piece of jewelry, it also becomes a part of you. And that part of you should be beautiful. Today, we bring you an exclusive designer jewelry store with operations in the USA and India.


Coming from a family of jewelers, we know jewelry and we take great pride in seeing people adore our jewelry. Having experienced wide appreciation for our selections in India, we wanted to reach out to the wider audience in the United States. We started participating in The International Gem and Jewelry Show organized every week throughout the United States.

After participating in the shows organized by Intergem we realized that the taste in Indian jewelry is global and we were delighted with the customer response. Fast forward, we have been doing the Intergem shows ever since and with an ever growing customer base. Today, we participate in many local shows apart from bringing you the products online.