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Antique - Waist Bands

Lathika Antique Waist Chain
Viha Brooch Antique Waist Belt
Ram Parivar Antique Waist Belt
Meenal Antique Waist Chain
Laxmi Brooch Antique Waist Belt
Biva Antique Waist Chain
Arthi Antique Waist Chain
Radha Antique Waist Band
Malavika Antique Waist Band
Devika Antique Waist Band
Bhumi Antique Waist Band
Gitika Antique Waist Band
Ania Antique Waist Band

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For Indian women, waistbands represent feminine grace and beauty. Waistbands or waist chains have 4,000 years old history when they were worn by men and women on ceremonial occasions as well as to represent one’s status and affluence. Since then, waistband designs, the materials used in making them, as well as their significance have become manifold. Waistband styles and choices embody a woman’s personality and preferences. Indian fashion waistbands, made from brass or other metals, have made this popular form of jewelry accessible to a large demographic. Tarinika offers many choices in waistbands such as antique waistbands, Nakshatra CZ or American diamond waistbands, waist chains and so forth.

While waistbands are widely popular among South Indian women in particular, no woman can deny their allure. In fact, in the case of a new bride-to-be, no wedding trousseau is considered complete without waistbands. As waistbands are specifically worn on special occasions and ceremonies, most waistbands come in ornate temple designs that lend solemnity to the wearer’s appearance. Temple designs are the most popular designs crafted on waistbands though they can also have delicate minimal designs studded with gemstones or pearls to add to their attractiveness.

There are many types of waistbands available in the market. While there is a sizable demand for waistbands made from precious materials, the burgeoning trend of fashion jewelry has ensured that elegant, high-quality waistbands are accessible to all. Imitation antique waistbands are an affordable version of gold waistbands while Nakshatra CZ waistbands are an affordable version of diamond studded waistbands.

Imitation antique waistbands can have stunning ornate temple designs while the minimalist antique waist chains are chains embellished with delicate designs, semi-precious stones, and pearl beads. Following are the three antique waistbands that enjoy a huge popularity at Tarinika:

Laxmi Brooch Antique Waist Belt:

The highlight of the Laxmi Brooch Antique Waist Belt is the brooch in the center. It has the timeless design of Goddess Laxmi embellished with ruby colored Kempu stones and dangling pearl beads creating an elegant contrast with the antique gold band. It can be easily paired with handwoven ethnic outfits at any traditional event for an eye-catching appearance.

Ram Parivar Antique Waist Belt:

As you may have guessed, the temple motif emoted in the Ram Parivar Antique Waist Belt is that of Lord Ram and Devi Sita with Lakshman complete the trio. The beautiful Ram parivar is enclosed in a setting of delightful peacock and ivy designs. High-quality Nakshatra CZ and Kempu stones and dangling pearls complete the look. The antique waistband is sure to add to the charm of your ethnic outfit on any occasion.

Viha Brooch Antique Waist Belt:

Departing from the traditional temple designs, the Viha Brooch Antique Waist Belt has a timeless crescent moon shaped brooch studded with high-quality ruby Kempu stones and pearl beads. The Viha Brooch Antique Waist Belt is perfect for occasions when you want to look traditional while retaining your inherent modern outlook.

In some ways, jewelry shopping can be a very private experience. To make the most of it, remember to choose jewelry that speaks to you. When it comes to antique waistbands, go for something that makes you feel comfortable and elegant at the same time.

To make your antique waistband last longer, remember to keep it away from sunlight, water, and chemicals such as perfumes, sanitizers, etc. Store the waistband in a separate box to prevent tarnishing or scratching and polish it yourself once a week or get it done by a professional to ensure that your waistband retains its original appearance and shine for a long time.

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