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Earring Designs

Anakin Greek Earrings
$19.99 USD
Ruhi Antique Jhumka Earrings
$29.99 USD $34.99 USD
Venya Antique Jhumka Earrings
$24.99 USD $39.99 USD
Aashi Antique Earrings
$29.99 USD
Shuchi Antique Earrings
$24.99 USD
Navya Nakshatra CZ Earrings
$19.99 USD $29.99 USD
Prerit Antique Earrings
$14.99 USD

Shop Indian Earrings, Jhumkas & Chandbalis Online

There is something ecstatic about expressing yourself, something about the way you carry yourself and the confidence you wear. We admire that immensely and are here for the new-age modern women who are owning the world. And what more to express yourself than accessorizing the way you like, most importantly wearing the jewelry that speaks volumes about you. Even if you are not a fan of jewelry, you can never go wrong with the right earrings that compliment your face and attire. For the diva that you are, never miss an opportunity to accentuate your look. If you are wondering where to find the right earrings online that will acclaim every occasion, from office parties to theme nights with family, TARINIKA is here for you.

Important Factors to Know While You are Headed for Earring Shopping

1. Outlook

Always look for what you are comfortable with and what matches your style. If you want to be comfortable in your skin, expanding your horizon or experimenting, make sure not to stretch yourself too thin and opt for a trendy look that you like and feel affluent. The key is to “Put yourself first”.

2. Length or the Size of the Earring

Yes, the size matters. Choose the earrings that compliment your face. You don’t have to go all out while choosing earrings. Pick the earrings that compliment your face shape and size. Large earrings will draw too much attention and can overpower your look but small earrings might get lost in your ensemble, so consider the size of the earrings. It also depends on your outfit, for traditional outfits, it is advised to wear exuberant earrings but for parties or offices wear minimal earrings to maintain the ensemble and decorum.

3. Learn about your face type to match up with the right earring type

Every face is ubiquitous and beautiful, how can you accentuate your natural beauty? By picking the earrings that compliment your face and bring out the best of your features. Tarinika has curated a convenient guide to consider when buying earrings online.

For round faces, you have the advantage that you look younger than you are. It is your forte. The kind of earrings that best suit this faces are the dangling hoops or teardrop earrings. The drop and dangle earrings arc your face and bring out your plush cheeks. If you feel like experimenting, try different earrings like bold or arch-shaped earrings or precisely moulded studs as this face shape can pull them off the best. Keep away from mini studs or round hoops.

The square facehas the sharpest jawline and angular face. You don’t have to overpower that with more angular jewellery or wide-shaped earrings. Drop and dangle earrings, oval studs, and tear-drop earrings are most viable for square faces. You can wear hoops for chic look, they are not too extravagant and soften the edges of your face.

The oval facehas the overall symmetry and it is an added advantage for earrings. You can count yourself lucky if you fall under this category. You can pull off the earrings that you like and it won’t overpower your look. This face shape is versatile and can adapt to all kinds of earrings.

A heart-shaped face has a unique flare. From a broad forehead, it tends to narrow down from your cheekbones. To bring out the best of this face shape, teardrop earrings or beautiful studs are a must-have. The tear-drop earrings have a wider bottom and a triangular shape, it does the trick to even out your face.

The diamond-shaped facehas high cheekbones and has angular forehead and jawline. If you want to match those angles, you should not miss the round earrings, oval earrings or tear-drop long earrings. Don’t overpower the look with heavy earrings as they will draw attention from your jawline. You can easily pull off hoops or precious drop earrings.

Narrow faces have the quality of sleek look. You have an added advantage if you love to wear Jhumkas. Volume earrings work best for this face and you can wear them effortlessly unlike others. The even classier look is attained with short dangles that bring out the tinted cheekbones and jawline. Pro-tip is to have heavy volume in the bottom of your earrings and then you can pull off the earrings you want.

Types of Earrings from the House of Tarinika

We hope that the comprehensive guide was useful to you while picking your next pair of earrings. Don’t go frantically searching for earrings online, Tarinika has the esoteric collection of precious jewels to notch up your game without the hassle. You don’t believe us, explore the wide range below. 

  1. Antique Earrings to comply with your inner charm: You can never go wrong with vintage earrings. Antique earrings are handcrafted by artisans who have witnessed the history and are keeping the traditions alive. These earrings are irresistible and give the royal look you aspire for. Tarinika has a wide collection of antique studs, Jhumkas and jhumkis, dancing lady earrings, all reminiscent of traditional values and glorious history. 

Antique - Earrings Collections 

  1. How contemporary Earrings are winning the game? Women are owning their personal as well as professional lives. The contemporary earrings fit this perfect narrative. They have traditional designs with a modern twist. These earrings are for “coming of age women” and define their femininity. If you are looking for that indo-western look or classic bohemian style, contemporary earrings are your companion. 

Contemporary Collection - Earrings 

  1. Nakshatra CZ Earrings specials: The constellation of exquisite CZ pearls and stones embellished in pure metals is the height of luxury. Tarinika brings you the precious collection of Nakshatra CZ earrings that are modern with ceremonial values. It is the most vibrant collection and accentuates any outfit you want to wear. 

Nakshatra CZ - Earrings Collections 

  1. Kundan earrings define the taste of royalty: Kundan earrings are the oldest form of jewelry documented in India. It is a legendary piece of jewelry that is the crown -jewel of Indian history even after 2,500 years. Every inch of Kundan earrings speaks royalty and the classic maharani look. It is an indispensable piece of earrings you need for an imperial look. 

Kundan - Earrings Collections 

Top 3 Bestselling stud earrings

Silver stud earrings: The essence of admired silver stud earrings is the front jewel. This is where your favorite pearl or ruby is set to match your preference. The main ornament can vary from traditional jewels to gemstones. Normally, a stud earring has a precious stone as the centre of attention, favorably a diamond or pearl. Other options are an amethyst stud hoop, sapphire stud, or some other gemstone for your stud earrings.

Here is the Bestselling Eshana Antique Silver Earrings


Crystal Stud earrings: Another popular variation is crystal or diamonds embellished in silver or gold to form a cluster of jewels or minimal solitaire. It is bold and exuberant for any occasion and is the ideal choice to enhance your dress. It is bestselling for a reason, it is extremely versatile and a showstopper.

Here is the Bestselling Mia Antique Chandbali Earrings 

Ear cuff earrings: We are personally in love with the ear cuff earrings. These are elongated stud earrings that clutch the entire earlobe. It gives you the silhouette of a Greek goddess and accentuates your face. It is popular for its mysterious yet distinctive look and is trending in stud earrings online.

Here is the Bestselling Watika Nakshatra CZ Earrings 

Most popular hoop earrings

Over-sized hoops earringsare the most beloved in international fashion. The African and Latinx communities have glorified and pulled off oversized hoops for decades and now it's gaining the momentum back. You can pull it off contemporary style, elegantly or try pairing it with your ethnic motifs. 

Most Popular Kavia Antique Hoop Earrings

Huggies earrings are popular among women who are not entirely sure about hoops but adore them internally. It will feed your diva look without overpowering your outfit. These are called Huggies because of the maneuver they hug your earlobes. If you want to rock the hoop earrings trend and also be comfortable, pick Huggies.

Most Popular Jalaja Lotus Motif Hoop Earrings

Medium or small hoops earrings are the most wearable and popular hoop earrings. The minimal gold or silver hoops can amplify your outfit with a modern twist. For everyday fashion and professional mainstream outfits, these are perfect-sized hoops to amplify your look. 

Most Popular Floral Delicate CZ Hoop Earrings

Sculptural hoops earrings are redefining fashion. Plain hoops are a staple in any wardrobe but the sculptural hoops are taking vogue a step further by deconstructing the hoops with arch shapes and modern structures. It is the statement jewelry everybody should own. It is a no-brainer when you are setting the fashion standard high.

Most Popular Giada Delicate CZ Earrings

Top 3 bestselling drop earrings

Teardrop earrings are staggeringly wonderful and flexible. Some are made to drop just beneath your ear, while others drape lower on a chain. They come in different sizes and are ideally suited for pretty much any event. These are ideal for simply adding tastefulness in everyday outfits and this is why it is the bestseller. Emerald and pearls are ideal in the case of tear-drop earrings. Go for something heavy, all the more brilliantly hued, and a touch more fun.

Here is the Bestselling Delilah Delicate CZ Earrings

Chandelier earrings attract a few qualities to the drop earrings, making it psychedelic and flexible. These earrings reflect light towards your face. Exquisite crystal fixture chandelier earrings set with jewels are ideally suited for formal occasions. They come in a vibrant and wide scope of tones and styles, so there's a perfect match out there to fit any outfit and any event.

Here is the Bestselling Grand Royal CZ Chandelier Earrings

Gemstone drop earrings are easily adaptable and extremely versatile. Most styles of drop earrings highlight a solitary gemstone, be it a pearl, jewel, or hued gemstone. They are typically basic, moderate, and not fancy, yet stand apart with their exquisite length. A few styles are hanging and versatile, while others are stronger and more fixed.

Here is the Bestselling Classy Antique Drop Earrings

Why Choose Tarinika for Earrings Shopping for Any Sort of Occasion?

Tarinika has the most vivacious earring collection to offer to modern women. We care about the traditions and craft something exquisite to serve your femininity. We understand the superfluity of occasions and manufacture intricate and trendy earrings to suffice any occasion. Tarinika guarantees what you pay for your beloved earrings is worth the effort explicitly in the fact that the gems and metals are chosen and made with the most extreme love and care. Regardless of the event, you can find any earring imaginable at Tarinika. This is where our specialty lies. And we are updated with current trends and what is a la modethis season. Tarinika offers statement earrings that are trending in 2022.

Additionally, for our esteemed clients, we offer customizable earrings with no supplementary or hidden charge. We pride ourselves on face value and the quality of our earrings.