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Kundan Collection - Necklace Sets

Malini Pearl Beads Kundan Necklace Set
Classic Kundan Layered Necklace Set
Naviya Kundan Necklace Set
Darika Kundan Necklace Set
Classic Beads Layered Necklace
Calla Floral Kundan Necklace Set
Alyssa Statement Kundan Necklace Set
Josepha Kundan Necklace Set
Khevana Kundan Necklace Set
Single Layered Classic Kundan Necklace
Ayushi Kundan Necklace Set
Shaachi Kundan Necklace Set
Rukmini Kundan Necklace Set
Amisha Kundan Necklace Set
Rasika Kundan Beads Necklace Set
Krishika Kundan Necklace Set
Hafisa Kundan Necklace Set
Madhu Kundan Necklace Set
Timeless Kundan Necklace Set
Anjana Kundan Necklace Set
Double Layered Classic Kundan Necklace

Shop Kundan Necklace Sets Online 

Kundan is the craft of making jewelry and has its roots in Indian history. The craft of Kundan jewelry has been passed down through the ages. Plentiful amount of time and effort in creating one-of-a-kind Kundan jewelry. Kundan means the purest form of gold and is usually made from gold with a core of wax. The art of making kundan jewelry is called “jadayi”. Hence, Kundan jewelry is sometimes called jadau jewelry. The history of Kundan jewelry is around 2,500 years old. Kundan jewelry looks so magnificent that brides usually prefer Kundan jewelry for a royal bridal look. 

Many forms of jewelry can be made in Kundan such as earrings, short necklaces, long necklaces, choker sets, rings, anklets, maang tikka, bridal sets, etc. Let’s take a dive in the world of Kundan necklaces as they own most of the jewelry market when it comes to kundan jewelry sets. 

Kundan Choker Sets: 

Choker sets sit very close to the neck and are most visible when it comes to displaying your bridal look. It’s no wonder then that many bridal demands are for a Kundan choker set as it can be layered with other necklaces, be it kundan or any other jewelry. At Tarinika, you can shop from a veritable collection of beautiful Kundan choker sets online. Pearls, Polki, and Kundan stones are very popular with jewelry makers. Colorful Cubic Zirconia stones are also used to enhance the look of Kundan sets. 

Kundan Short Necklace Sets: 

Kundan short necklace sets can be worn solo or paired with Kundan chokers or Kundan long necklaces to create a layered effect. Mostly floral and animal designs are used for making Kundan necklaces. You can go for a simple Khevana Kundan Necklace Set for parties and events or a heavenly Rekha Kundan Necklace Set which can easily be worn by new brides on special occasions. 

Kundan Long Necklace Sets: 

Kundan long necklace sets are around 20cms or more in length. Made of exquisite pearls, polkis and kundan stones as well as brilliant CZ stones and kempu stones, the Kundan long necklace sets add a touch of royalty to your entire ensemble. You can find single strand Kundan long necklaces such as Single Layered Classic Kundan Necklace as well as layered ones such as Malini Pearl Beads Kundan Necklace Set. 

Not only do Kundan necklaces make you look royal, but it adds the perfect finishing touch to your appearance. You can never go wrong with your bridal looks if you go for a Kundan necklace set.

Here are some tips to care for your fashion Kundan necklace set: 

Keep away harsh chemicals, perfumes, water, etc., from your fashion Kundan Necklace Set to ensure that the jewelry doesn’t tarnish or become black with time, thus ensuring the life of the jewelry; store it properly in a cool, dark place, preferably in a separate jewelry box; preferably the Tarinika Box to prevent scratching, tangling, and breaking, and ensure that it maintains its shine for a long time. 

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