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Hair Accessories

Kartiki Delicate CZ Ring
Yovana Kundan Maang Tikka
Ogan Kundan Jhoomer
Ogan Kundan Maang Tikka
Jalaja Lotus Motifs Pearl Damini
Leafy Antique Maang Tika
Leena Antique Maang Tika
Floryn Guttapusalu Antique Maang Tika
Regal Antique Maang Tika
Floryn Antique Maang Tika
Narayani Antique Maang Tikka
Naishi Antique Maang Tika
Udaya Antique Jhumka Earrings with Ear Chain
Maithili CZ Antique Maang Tika
Kempu Floral Antique Maang Tika
Kempu Floral Antique Maang Tika Sold Out
Maithili Peacock Antique Maang Tika
Maithili Delicate Antique Maang Tika
Maithili Kempu Antique Maang Tika
Kerani Kundan Maang Tika
Kerani Kundan Maang Tika Sold Out
Ganesha Antique Hair Clip
Ragi Antique Hair Clip
Tashi Antique Hair Clip
Tarli Antique Hair Clip
Valli Antique Hairclip
Valli Antique Hairclip Sold Out
Vaani Antique Hair Clip
Mauly Antique Hair Brooch
Hania Antique Maang Tika
Candra Nakshatra CZ Hair Clip
Chakrika Antique Maang Tika
Chakrika Antique Maang Tika $16.99 $29.99
43% Off
Shankhi Antique Tikka
Aadhira Antique Maang Tika
Jiera Antique Hair Clip
Radha Antique Hair Brooch
Radha Antique Hair Brooch Sold Out
Radha Antique Maang Tikkas
Suhana Nakshatra CZ Maang Tika
Suhana Nakshatra CZ Jhoomar
Vibha Nakshatra CZ Hair Brooch
Vibha Nakshatra CZ Maang Tika
Aariya Nakshatra CZ Maang Tika
Aariya Nakshatra CZ Hair Brooch
Malavika Antique Hair Brooch
Samyukta Nakshatra CZ Maang Tika
Samyukta Nakshatra CZ Hair Brooch
Devika Antique Damini
Devika Antique Hair Brooch
Malavika Antique Maang Tika
Nandini Nakshatra CZ Hair Brooch
Nandini Nakshatra CZ Maang Tika

Shop Tarinika Antique Hair Accessories Online 

A hair accessory is very close to a woman’s heart as it enhances as well as showes off her lovely tresses or intricate hairstyle. In fact, in many cultures, different types of hair accessories carry different connotations. You will find the online and offline market flooded with a wide selection of hair accessories that are very affordable. So, why should you invest in antique Indian hair accessories? Well, the simple reason is their significance and what they represent. 

Since olden times, antique Indian hair accessories have been used to denote a woman’s marital status, her social standing, and affluence. While most antique Indian hair accessories can be worn on special occasions, they are a must-have bridal accessory. Many bridal hairstyles are inspired by the designs and patterns of the bridal hair accessories. Be it a maang tikka, damini, passa, jhoomar, jada, or a hair brooch, every Indian bride tries to incorporate the most appropriate hair accessory in her wedding attire as per the outfit, preference, and budget. Shopping for antique hair accessories also has ethnic significance for brides during wedding ceremonies. 

Imitation antique hair accessories have become very popular in recent times owing to their wide variety and affordable cost. Fashionable hair accessories are very much in demand due to the affordable cost and the different designs that are available to you. Most of the hair accessories available in the market are inspired by the temple and floral motifs. Since the main function of a hair accessory is to be worn on auspicious days, most antique fashion hair accessories have the design of gods and goddesses' elements carved on the hair accessories. 

Antique Maang Tikka: 

Antique gold maang tikka is one of the most famous hair accessories that are very popular with Indian brides. The antique jewelry for hair, the maang tikka, can be as simple as the Hania Antique Maang Tikka or as intricate as the Heli Antique Maang Tikka. The difference is based on the outfit and the budget allocated for shopping hair jewellery. Different gemstones and beads like freshwater pearls, kempu stones, CZ stones, enamels, etc. are encrusted on the maang tikkas to enhance their beauty. 

Antique Daminis: 

Antique daminis are a very close cousin of maang tikka head jewelry. Where maang tikka is worn in the center of the head, daminis are worn on the center and both sides that are connected and have a central pendant. There are simple daminis like Marvi Antique Damini, you can also find hair accessories like the Devika Antique Damini as per the occasion at Tarinika. 

Antique Hair Clips: 

Antique hair clips are made for holding hair together. They are embellished with colorful stones and patterns to make your hairstyle stand out when you go to a party or event. Antique hair clips come in different colors and varieties so that you can choose the one that goes with your attire perfectly. 

Antique Hair Brooch: 

Indian head jewelry like antique hair brooch are cover some part of your hair or can also be attached to a hairstlye like chotti throughout the style. Unlike maang tikkas, antique hair brooches cover the back portion of your hair. 

Apart from these popular hair accessories that is worn in different parts of India like jhoomar, passa, or jada. 

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