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7 Secrets Jewelry Tips for New year Eve

  • 3 min read

The festive season is here as Christmas and New Year beckon us from around the corner. As you plan gifts and events for your loved ones, this is also the right time to relax and focus a little on yourself. Indulge and pamper, and the best way to do this is with jewelry. After all, with parties in line, you can make great use of this time to perfect your look for various occasions. While you may already be looking more closely at jewelry, here are 7 of our secret tips to help you shine your way into the New Year. 

Sparkle and shine  

With New Year's Eve being all about new beginnings, this is the time to bid the wintery darkness goodbye and usher in new hope and light. As you party, get noticed with the light that dances on your earrings and makes you sparkle and shine. You can opt for earrings, necklaces, or bracelets with CZ stones that reflect light and give you that extra bling. Sparkly earrings also ensure that even if you're partying in a darker setting like a dance floor, you get noticed by your sparkle.  

Secret tip: While big and blingy is the right route to go this New year, check the length and shape of the piece you wear, and ensure that it complements your face shape. 


Go the ethnic route  

While many feel that New Year's Eve is all about modern and geometric jewelry, such isn't the case anymore. Your little black dress or any outfit of your choice can be fascinatingly paired with ethnic earrings as well. So, opt for Indian jhumkas or go for a pretty choker that adds to the adventure of your attire. Wearing a waist belt can also add oomph to your look.  

Secret tip: Play with the shape and length of your Antique Jhumkas. Also, the width of your choker is of importance, for it needs to create the appearance of a long neck. 


Play with textures  

Rather than opting for plain jewelry, now is also the time to play with textures and build up drama. Use pieces that mix and match materials, colors and textures, for a grand look. With many New year parties, you can finally pick out the pieces that don't fit in the traditional or formal category. 

Secret tip: Choose partywear that's made of huge stones or surprising elements like filigree. These can enhance your appearance. 


Get those statement pieces out  

New year's is the perfect time to showcase your bling, and what better way than to get those statement pieces out. Whether it be your large finger ring or the antique choker necklace, these pieces can help you look all dressed up to usher in the New Year. Enabling you to do much more with less, these pieces with exquisite craftsmanship will help you nail that perfect look. 

Secret tip: A long statement necklace with glittering CZs is also a perfect complement for your little black dress. 


Stack those bracelets  

If you love pretty bracelets, now is the time to show your love. Choose ones that complement your attire the best, and let your persona shine. Stacking bracelets of different textures or a similar color palette can also get you the desired look. Opt for traditional bangles or contemporary styles that suit your personality, and express your style. Opting for bracelets with charms that include elements of Christmas like snowflakes and stars can also be delightful.  

Secret tip: Pay close attention to the shape of your bracelets. They should make your arm look slender and long rather than overloaded. 


Don't match, mismatch!  

Gone are the days when jewelry had to be the exact color of your dress. The mismatched look is nowhere, and you can wear two different earrings and look fabulous. Irregular shapes in stones such as uncut stones or rare pearls can also enhance your appearance. However, jewelry experts will tell you that mismatching has to be done as carefully as matching. 

Secret tip: Choosing common aspects like a color palette, shape or texture, can help you nail the mismatched look with absolute ease. 


The ear climbers  

While these have been on the scene for a long time, their full potential hasn't been explored. You can try ear climbers in a range of different materials to go with the color palette of your attire.   

Secret tip: Look for ear climbers with bling and sass, but ensure they frame your face in a complementary way. You can also opt for ear climber in just one ear for an offbeat look. 


  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan