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7 Ways to Style Temple Jewelry for Different Ethnic Looks

  • 5 min read

We recently conducted a survey among women to understand their preferences in Indian jewelry and styling options. The results were quite enlightening where temple jewelry emerged as the preferred choice for styling with ethnic looks. We totally agree with their smart and trendy choice. Temple jewelry has the unique ability to elevate your ensemble. But what is temple jewelry and how can you style it for different ethnic looks? Let’s dive into the world of temple antique jewelry and explore seven fabulous ways to style it for various occasions.

What Is Temple Jewelry?

Temple jewelry is a traditional form of Indian jewelry originating from the southern states of India, primarily Tamil Nadu. The jewelry was initially crafted for revering deities in temples. It was later appreciated and extensively worn by members of Indian royal families. Indian temple jewelry is now celebrated for its detailed craftsmanship and rich cultural significance. It features intricate designs with carvings of gods and goddesses and other auspicious symbols. You will also find delicate floral motifs and natural patterns inspired by the lush landscapes of the Indian subcontinent.

How To Style Temple Jewelry?

Temple jewelry can be styled in various ways to complement different ethnic looks. You can go for a traditional South Indian look or pair it casually with modern fusion styles. The key is to balance the grandeur of the jewelry with the right outfit.

Let us explore seven unique ways to style Indian temple jewelry for different ethnic ensembles.

The Classic South Indian Look

Achieve the quintessential South Indian aesthetic by pairing our Ganapati Antique Temple Long Necklace Set with a Kanjeevaram silk saree in jewel tones like red, green or blue. Layer your long Temple necklace with a Lakshmi coin pendant for an elaborate look. Style your hair in a classic bun and add fresh jasmine flowers or a traditional temple brooch for a timeless South Indian look. Include a kamar bandh for a celebratory vibe. The combination is elegant and a tribute to the rich traditions of South India.

An image of a woman wearing a blue saree with complementing Indian temple jewelry

The Elegant North Indian Look

Complement your lehenga choli or a heavily embroidered salwar suit with a temple jewelry choker like our Gehena Kempu Jadau Choker Set for an elegant North Indian look. Accessorize with matching jhumkas or temple jewelry earrings from the same set to create a harmonious look. Add a few bangles or a kangan to your wrists for an extra touch of tradition. Complete your outfit with a pleated braid and a parranda to ace the North Indian look.

An image of an Indian Kempu choker Set on a red background, crafted with green kempu stones

The Bohemian Chic Look

Style our Prabha Antique Chandbali Earrings to blend traditional elegance with free-spirited fashion. Opt for a flowy maxi dress in light and breathable fabric. Accessorize with antique pendant necklaces and a mix of beaded bracelets to create a balanced and eclectic mix that feels effortlessly stylish. Keep your hairstyle simple and natural. Loose waves or a messy bun will enhance the carefree essence of your Bohemian look. Consider adding a few small braids or a flower crown for a unique look.

A close up image of a woman wearing temple earrings with a goddess motif

The Indo-Western Fusion Look

Style our Shreeja Antique Green Kempu Stud Earrings with your Western outfit if you fancy an Indo-Western fusion look. The temple jewelry earrings pair perfectly with high-waisted palazzo pants and a crop top. Add a long shrug or an ethnic jacket to blend the ethnic and modern elements. Finish your look with minimal makeup. Think dewy skin, a hint of blush and natural lip color for a fresh look.

The Contemporary Look

Our Iksha Antique Choker Set is the perfect accessory for achieving a polished contemporary look. The temple jewelry choker is ideally paired with a chic saree for formal occasions and modern gatherings. Choose a saree with a flowy silhouette and experiment with contemporary draping techniques such as the pant-style drape or a belted saree. Opt for minimal makeup with a focus on bold eyeliner and a classic nude or red lip to maintain a sophisticated look.

An image of a woman in green saree wearing antique choker

The Festive -Ready Look

No festive outfit is truly complete without the exquisite touch of our Ketaki Antique Temple Bangles. Pair the antique bangles with an embroidered Anarkali suit or a crisp white kasavu saree to capture the festive spirit. Include other temple antique jewelry pieces like a sleek maang tikka and temple jewelry earrings for a cohesive look. Experiment with braided hairstyles like a fishtail braid or a simple side braid. Accessorize the braid with small decorative hairpins or flowers to match the festive vibe.

An image of a pair of antique bangles on a red background

The Everyday Ethnic Look

Choose simple temple jewelry online like our Duti Antique Coin Stud Earrings for an everyday ethnic look. These understated yet elegant temple jewelry earrings are perfect for office wear or daily errands. Style them with a simple kurta paired with palazzo pants or a casual cotton saree for a decent and sophisticated look.

An image of a pair of antique earrings with white beads on a beige background.
Styling temple jewelry for different ethnic looks allows you to embrace tradition while expressing your unique style. Experiment with these seven styling tips to create your own distinctive looks and blend cultural heritage with modern fashion.

Caring For Temple Jewelry: Bonus Tips From Tarinika

Here are some tips on cleaning and storing your precious pieces. 

  • Use a soft and damp cloth to wipe your jewelry gently. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials.
  • Store your temple antique jewelry in a dry and cool place. Keep them in individual pouches or boxes to prevent scratches and tangling.
  • Handle your jewelry with care. Avoid direct contact with perfumes and lotions that can tarnish the metal and stones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is temple jewelry costly than normal?

Temple jewelry is generally more costly than regular fashion jewelry due to its craftsmanship and intricate designs. It is often made from high-quality materials and precious gemstones which contribute to its higher price point. Temple jewelry pieces are crafted using traditional techniques that add value to them. Find quality temple jewelry online at Tarinika for luxurious yet budget-friendly options.

What isIndian templejewelry?

Indian temple jewelry is a traditional form of jewelry that originated in South India. It features deity motifs, auspicious symbols and temple architecture. It was primarily crafted from gold and silver and occasionally embellished with precious gemstones like rubies and emeralds. It symbolises cultural pride and reverence during religious ceremonies and other festive occasions.

What is templejewelry?

Temple jewelry is also known as temple antique jewelry. It draws inspiration from temple architecture and religious motifs. It is characterized by its elaborate designs and craftsmanship. Temple jewelry has evolved into a popular choice for bridal and festive wear. Its timeless appeal and cultural significance make temple jewelry a cherished heirloom passed down through generations in Indian families.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan