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8 Bangles Jewellery Designs for the Millennials

  • 3 min read

For a generation that is headed to global workplaces and taking on diverse kinds of roles and responsibilities, we understand that smarter and more creative jewelry is the need of the hour. Not just when they are headed to work, but even for parties, get-togethers, and festive occasions, millennials seek a different kind of fashion jewelry. This is a generation unlike the gen x and gen y, and so we at Tarinika cater to them with our fashion jewelry collection. Browse through our best bangle jewelry designs, which have been curated just for you.

1. Nym Gold Plated Tribal Bangles: 

Sleek and stylish, the tribal design of the Nym gold plated tribal bangles rings in freshness into this set and your look. Made up of lines and circles, the smart symmetry makes this set an excellent choice for office jewelry. An everyday wear design, you can effortlessly sport them with a stylish watch to complete the look. Easy to maintain, fuss-free and lightweight, this is a design for you to treasure and enjoy.

2. Marz Gold Plated Tribal Bangles:

Another interesting variant in the tribal bangles collection from Tarinika is the Marz gold plated bangles. An interesting design that resembles a vine, this beautiful piece is smart wear that works well to complete your office look. Wear it for corporate meetings and enjoy the lightweight and smart beauty of this pair. Suitable to wear across geographic barriers, this set is enjoyed not just by women in India but in the US and UK as well.

3. Delicate Serenity CZ Bangles: 

For those of you who like to complement your attire with matching bangles, opt for pieces like the Delicate serenity CZ bangles. A beautiful set studded with colored CZs; you can opt for colors that go well with your attire. Match it with sarees and salwar suits to enhance your look for get-togethers with friends and semi-formal events. True to their name, the delicate design bodes well with western attire as well.

4. Julia Nakshatra CZ Bangles:

Special dinner dates and evening parties require you to bring out the star-studded glittery pieces of jewelry. Opt for pieces like the Julia Nakshatra CZ bangles that are wide, smart, and alluring. Studded with CZs in an intricate design, the colored CZs draw the eyes to the immense attention that has been paid to every detail.

5. Dazzling CZ Bangles:

Enriched with all the razzle-dazzle and geometric design elements, this pair of Dazzling CZ bangles can add beauty to any wrist. Suitable for all ages, this one is a millennial's favorite, for it packs plenty of punch with its style and sensibilities. Great to be worn as statement office jewelry or even for parties, enhance your look by adding a CZ finger ring.

6. Labanya Antique Bangles:

We know how special occasions need you to look extra special. Whether it be a celebratory occasion with friends or a festive occasion with family, the Labanya antique bangles can do justice to your look. An intricate design, availability of color variants, and delicate detailing makes this set a perfect pair for all the extraordinary events in your life. Classy and alluring, this is a set that you will love and enjoy for a long time to come.

7. Prema Antique Bangles:

Bring in some silver into your bangle collection with the smart and cheerful pair of Prema antique bangles. Crafted keeping traditional elements in mind, this set goes well with both your traditional and contemporary attire. Style this pair with your jeans and kurtas with equal ease and enjoy the vibrancy of this pretty pair.

8. Oma Antique Bangles:

Another set of gorgeous bangles that has won quite a few hearts is the Oma antique bangles. The unusual patterning of diamond-shaped colored CZs, a geometric design process, and effortless artisanship shines through in this beautiful set. Opt for a color of your choice to go with your attire and enjoy the timeless beauty of this piece. Ideal for parties and gatherings, match it with a suitable necklace and earrings set to complete your look.

As a millennial, we know the kind of jewelry you seek, and thereby create pieces suited just for you. From timeless classics to modern and fusion styles, @shoptarinika has a vivid range for you to choose from. Suited to every budget, our jewelry is high in standards of quality, and you will surely fall in love with it.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan