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Antique Jewelry Trends: What’s New and Timeless at Tarinika

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Antique jewelry refers to pieces that are at least 100 years old. Its origins can be traced to ancient civilizations where jewelry served religious and decorative purposes. The ancient artisans perfected techniques such as filigree, enamelling etc for centuries. It resulted in creating breathtaking pieces showcasing their extraordinary talent and expertise. The popularity of antique jewelry reached its zenith during the Victorian and Mughal eras. The designs were characterized by distinct antique jewelry symbols and motifs. However, the advent of modernism in the 20th century saw a shift towards sleeker and minimalist designs. It caused the antique jewelry designs to fall out of favor.

What Makes Antique Jewelry So Popular Now?

Despite its decline in popularity in the 20th century, antique jewelry has experienced a resurgence in recent years. This renewed interest in antique jewelry can be credited to the unique aesthetics that set it apart from mass-produced contemporary designs. Antique jewelry carries a sense of nostalgia that encapsulates history and connects you to your roots. Moreover, this era of heightened environmental consciousness supports antique jewelry that offers a sustainable alternative to newly mined materials.

At Tarinika, we embrace the timeless charm of antique jewelry while infusing contemporary flair into our designs. Our collection showcases a variety of antique jewelry trends in antique necklaces, earrings, rings and antique bangles. We incorporate antique jewelry symbols like lustrous pearls, gemstones, floral motifs and the trending dual-tone finish, ensuring that these treasures of the past remain relevant in today's fashion landscape.

Antique Jewelry – Latest Trends Available At Tarinika

Embracing Gemstones In Antique Jewelry

Tarinika prides itself on staying at the forefront of jewelry trends while honoring the timeless elegance of antique designs. Our approach to incorporating gemstones into antique jewelry attests to our commitment to craftsmanship and innovation. We source the highest-quality gemstones and ensure that each piece of antique jewelry reflects luxury and sophistication. Our antique gemstone jewelry displays a range of striking pendant sets, antique earrings, and rings adorned with sparkling semi-precious stones. The superior-quality gemstones ensure that each creation is not only visually stunning but also a lasting investment.

An image of a woman wearing a saree with an Indian style necklace with earrings

Arpita Antique Necklace Set

Antique Jewelry & Trending Pearls & Beads

You must have seen a notable resurgence of pearls in antique jewelry. Celebrities and fashion enthusiasts love to style antique jewelry with their contemporary outfits. We have recognized the classic appeal of pearls and adeptly incorporated this antique jewelry trend into our designs. We have pearl-studded antique necklaces, antique earrings and bangles that highlight the natural beauty of these lustrous gems. We utilize pearls of varying sizes and shapes to add visual interest and dimension to our antique jewelry pieces. Our versatile antique jewelry can seamlessly transition from day to night. It allows you to incorporate pearls into your everyday ensembles or make a bold statement for special occasions.

An image of a woman wearing a saree and a pair of Indian earrings.

Lena Statement Antique Earrings

Fusion Of Floral Motifs & Antique Jewelry

This era of romance brings the revival of floral motifs in antique jewelry designs. This resurgence of floral elements in antique jewelry is driven by a desire for pieces that evoke nostalgia and romance while remaining relevant in contemporary fashion. We articulate this trend by combining delicate floral designs with vintage elements to create mesmerizing antique jewelry. Our skilled artisans craft each piece by infusing floral motifs in vintage filigree and metalwork. Some of our famous jewelry pieces in this collection include antique bangles featuring delicate floral filigree and a pair of antique earrings embellished with vintage-inspired floral patterns.

An image of a pair of Indian antique bangles

      Prema Antique Bangles

Guttapusalu Style In Antique Jewelry

The term ‘Guttapusalu” translates to "a bunch of grapes" in Telugu. It reflects the design's resemblance to clusters of grapes hanging from a vine. We pay homage to this traditional Indian jewelry design by incorporating Guttapusalu elements into our antique pieces. Our antique jewelry pieces are adorned with cascading clusters of pearls and gemstones. It captures the essence of Guttapusalu's design while adding a modern twist to the jewelry. The trend of antique Guttapusalu jewelry has gained momentum in recent years as bridal jewelry. Brides love our antique Guttapusalu jewelry for its timeless elegance and cultural significance. You can also style our Guttapusalu antique jewelry for festive occasions such as religious ceremonies and family gatherings.

A picture of a woman wearing antique necklace, inspired by guttapusalu work.

    Classic Pearls Guttapusalu Antique Necklace Set

The Trending Oxidized Antique Jewelry

Oxidized antique jewelry has become a significant trend in contemporary fashion. What’s more convenient is that you can style it with traditional Indian attire or modern Western wear. Our versatile collection of oxidized antique jewelry offers endless styling possibilities. Pair a statement antique ring with a simple saree for an effortlessly chic look. You can style a cocktail dress with oxidized antique earrings for understated elegance. The darkened finish of oxidized antique jewelry will add depth and dimension to your casual or formal outfit.

An image of a woman's hand where she is wearing a oxidized ring.

   Maati Floral Antique Oxidized Ring

Tarinika continues to lead the way in redefining the art ofantiquejewelry design. Ourcreations celebrate the beauty of the pastand pave the way fornew trends and inspirations in the fashion world.ExploreTarinika and discovernewantiquejewelry trends withour latest designs and collections.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan