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Bridal Accessories: Stealing The Spotlight in Wedding Portraits

  • 4 min read

As quoted by our wedding stylist, “bridal accessories are like the unsung heroes of wedding portraits! They're not just trinkets; they're the little details that express the personality and choice of the bride. Each bridal accessory - maang tikka, hathphool, waistband, and bangles - accentuates the beautiful moments of the couple tying the knot and aid in narrating the wedding story in the form of wedding portraits.” 

We at Tarinika have created a list of bridal accessories to help you steal the spotlight in wedding portraits. 

1. Waistbands and Weddings: Cinching Moments of Beauty in Bridal Portraits 

Waistbands play a crucial role in wedding portraits, serving as both a functional and aesthetic element. The Sardha Antique Kempu Waistband by Tarinika is the perfect centerpiece of your bridal look. This kamar-bandh accentuates the body's natural curves, improving the fit or silhouette of your lehenga, saree or gown. One subtle yet significant pose for the portrait could be the groom gently embracing the bride through her waist, which would draw attention to the gorgeous kamar-bandh and enhance the overall composition of the wedding style .

2. The Grace of Hathphool in Wedding Portraits 

Hathphools are elaborate hand chains with rings that brides love as a part of their wedding accessories. The Nera CZ Gold Plated Hand Chain is a must-have bridal accessory for every bride-to-be. Your hathphool will help you capture the spotlight in one of your wedding pictures if you hold a flower bouquet and ask your wedding photographer to take a close-up shot of hands with the bouquet. This bridal pose will flaunt your hathphool, and such detailed photographs will add variety to your wedding photo album. 

3. From Maang Tikka to Brooch: A Symphony of Hair Accessories in Timeless Wedding Portraits 

Hair accessories have the power to transform a bride's hairstyle into a breathtaking work of art. Hair accessories like jhoomar, damini or maang-tika frame the bride’s face and draw attention to her radiant features. Some of the hair accessories that are beautifully captured in wedding portraits are: 

  • MAANG -TIKAThe maang-tika is worn at the center of the bride's forehead, just above the bindi. This bride accessory draws attention to the bride's radiant face in the wedding portraits. The royal Dora Nakshatra CZ Maang Tikka will outshine in wedding pictures, especially when the photographers capture the moment when the groom applies vermilion to the bride's forehead. 

  • JHOOMAR - Jhoomar or passa is often worn on the left side of the head. TheOgan Kundan Jhoomer is a bold wedding accessory that can add glamour to your wedding pictures. 

  • BROOCH - if you’re tying your hair in a bun, a bridal brooch like the Mauly Antique Hair Brooch will elevate your hairstyle. This exquisite brooch is sure to add a touch of elegance to your bridal style, especially when it subtly emerges from beneath your sheer veil, creating a breathtaking visual impact from behind. 

  • DAMINI - Damini, also known as mathapatti, is an ornate headpiece highlighting the bride's hairstyle and facial features. You can wear the delicate Jalaja Lotus Motifs Pearl Damini with open hair at one of your wedding functions. This bride accessory will be highlighted when he gently kisses your forehead while posing for a wedding portrait.

4. Beyond Vows: The Artistry of Rings in Crafting Unforgettable Wedding Portraits 

While we truly appreciate the depth and meaning of your engagement ring, a statement ring like Aashni Antique Finger Ring should be a part of your wedding accessories. This regal bridal accessory will add captivating details to your wedding portrait. For a standout solo picture, consider gracing the camera with your radiant smile and drawing attention to your striking statement ring. Frame the shot with your hands delicately resting on your chin for an iconic pose. 

5. Chiming Elegance: The Radiance of Bangles in Wedding Portraits

The clink and the chime of bangles are often associated with the joyous celebration of Indian weddings. The Arha Antique Bangles depicts a vintage elegance and charm. The intricate designs and vibrant colors of these bangles will enhance your bridal portrait's overall aesthetic and appeal. A significant pose to showcase your vintage bangles in photos involves delicately covering your face with your hands, one atop the other. We call this shot “a shy-bride” pose.  

6. Graceful Glamour: Enhance Wedding Portraits with Bridal Arm Jewelry 

Armlets, often called bajuband, are worn on the upper arms by the bride. It is one of the bride’s accessories that graces her arms, drawing attention to delicate details and the rhythmic flow of her hand movements. The charm of this bridal accessory can be captured in photographs while the bride is getting ready, and her mother ties the Aashni Antique Temple Armlets on her arm. This moment of grace and tradition can be frozen in a wedding photograph forever. 


7. Footnotes of Love: Capturing the Beauty of Anklets in Bridal Photography

Anklets or payal draw attention to the bride’s feet, symbolizing a journey of love and commitment. Capture the grace and symbolism of the bride's steps into a new chapter of life while she wears an elegant payal like the Sadaf Antique Anklets on her big day. A distinct pose could be sitting on the chair and holding your ankle so you can flaunt your payals effortlessly. 



We've just explored the world of bridal accessories that play a pivotal role in stealing the spotlight in wedding portraits. These accessories tell an aspect of the wedding day story that is unmatched by any other wedding details. You can always customize your wedding accessories at Tarinika to add a personal touch and preference. These accessories willmake your wedding portraits genuinely unforgettable. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan