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How to Match Jewelry with Your Outfit - A Complete Guide

  • 3 min read

You may have a dress that you are in love with and jewelry that you adore. However, if the two do not go together, then the whole look can fall apart. Crafting a perfect look is an art, and while it may seem tough, it can be cultivated. At Tarinika, we bring you a few easy step-by-step questions, to help you match your jewelry to your outfit.

Does the Jewelry Pair Well With the Neckline of Your Dress?

Whether you are dressing up in Indian or western wear, the most important aspect to consider is to match your jewelry with the shape of your neckline. The wrong pairing takes away the attention from both your beautiful jewelry and your lovely dress. It also leads to your jewelry getting hidden behind your clothes.

So, keep in mind that choker sets can look absolutely flattering when worn over off-shoulder dresses or attires with a cowl neck. Similarly, go for a short or long pendant-based necklace when pairing clothes with turtlenecks or collar neck styles. The simple yet smart  Aglow delicate CZ pendant set is a lovely piece to opt for. Available in varied color options, you can easily mix and match it to your dresses.

What is the occasion you are dressing for?

Your jewelry should always complement the occasion you are wearing it for. Formal occasions such as business meetings or award functions require you to choose jewelry with minimal levels of fuss. Also, prefer lightweight jewelry for such occasions. A  Jalaja lotus motifs pearl necklace set can be your best friend for formal events. Subtle yet grand, shine in the limelight with its class and style.

Are you able to connect jewelry to the attire?

Matching your jewelry to your attire is of utmost importance. For example, a heavy ghagra choli has a lot going on in terms of design. Such clothes should not be paired with jewelry that contradicts the attire. Western attire on the other hand is simpler and all about cuts. Depending on whether you are wearing a monochrome dress or a multi-colored attire, choose jewelry accordingly. You can also opt for jewelry like the Bella CZ Pearl Beads choker set. With white pearls crafting the length of the necklace, the color accents, enable you to match this on multiple kinds of attire.

How good is the color coordination?

A well color-coordinated set of jewelry can enhance your appearance for any outfit. While you need not always go for the exact shade of jewelry, you can safely play with matching colors to create a look that's stylish and sizzling. The beautiful Kumud antique choker set is a great purchase, as the colors allow you to create multiple looks. So, look for colors that complement or contrast your attire. Amongst the metal colors of silver and gold, opt for tones that match both your skin tone and the palette of your dress.

Is your jewelry the right size for you?

Another aspect that is often overlooked is the size of the jewelry you wear with a dress. A small pendant, for example, can look pretty but can get hidden in the look you are trying to create. Alternatively, a bold piece of jewelry can end up creating a look that is clumsy and overdone. Choosing a size that is right for the occasion and your body type thus becomes important. Opting for a necklace set like the Mayur antique gold plated pendant set, can help you create a balanced look. Wear it over your favorite silk sari, and watch the compliments pour in.

Most importantly, are you expressing your unique style?

It is important to express your unique style through your jewelry choices. Choose statement pieces of jewelry that reflect your personality. However, a statement piece of jewelry should not overwhelm with its size and color. Opt for jewelry that complements with its size, color, and artisanship and reflects who you are. An excellent choice for many is the  Sholia delicate CZ bracelet. A well-crafted design, the delicate artisanship is eye-catching, making this a perfect choice for cocktail parties and special evenings.

Whatever your jewelry choices may be, pairing them with the right outfit can make a world of difference. So, keep adding high-quality and well-crafted jewelry pieces to your jewelry collection and keep reinventing your look by matching your outfit perfectly with your jewelry. Do browse through @shoptarinika, to stay in touch with the latest designs and jewelry styles.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan