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Own Your Office Look with These 10 Fashion Jewellery Tips!

Getting your look right for the office is an important task. Workplace fashion needs to be classy and smart, without going overboard, messy and noisy. We at Tarinika compile ten fashion tips to help you get your office fashion look right in order.

1. Wear one statement piece

A single, trendy, statement piece of jewelry can keep your office look simple, smart, and clutter-free. Buy a statement piece of jewelry that complements you and wear it with a dress that matches well. A good option from Tarinika is the  Marigold antique CZ necklace set, which can complement almost anything. This antique jewelry design has a unique floral concept. Studded with CZs, it can look great, both with office wear saris and western trousers and skirts as well.

2. Avoid maximalist jewelry

While some women like to wear multiple bangles or bracelets, these can be a maximalist choice when you are working in a quiet workplace. Noisy or maximalist jewelry can also be distracting. So, avoid any long earrings, bangles, or even anklets, that can take the focus away from your office appearance.

3. Create a look with 2-3 pieces of jewelry

While creating a balance with multiple jewelry pieces is a good idea, when dressing for the office, ensure that you use a maximum of three pieces only. Balance the design or colors of the pieces with your attire and skin tone, for maximum effect. The beautiful  Thalia Greek ring  is a wonderful choice for office wear. Match this with earrings or a bracelet that has a similar theme going. Complete this with a slender chain, and you have an impressive set for office jewelry.

4. Avoid heavy pieces

Office jewelry needs to be worn for long hours, and heavy pieces can get uncomfortable after a point. Instead, choose comfortably lightweight pieces, and they can be worn through the entire day. The simple yet stylish Eryx gold plated tribal earrings  are light in weight, smart, and can suit multiple occasions and attires.

5. Keep your job in mind

Keep the kind of work you do in mind while choosing the jewelry you can wear. If your job involves excess travel, pack jewelry that goes with all your dresses. If your work involves machinery, avoid jewelry that is huge and can pose a danger. However, if your workplace requires you to look creative and unique, ensure such jewelry choices. The beautiful Parnal leafy statement earrings  in color options of gold and silver are an appropriate choice.

6. Do not overlook quality

Look at the make of the product and purchase only from a trusted seller. Ensure that the jewelry has no sharp edges and comes with a good finish quality. Finally, check the material quality used in preparing the product. Opt for hypoallergenic materials only.

7. Prioritize workmanship

Jewelry that isn't well-designed can lead you to have a shabby appearance. You can also consider pieces of jewelry that tell a narrative about your personality. An excellent choice from Tarinika is the Marici blossom delicate earrings. With great artisan ship and attention to simple details, this piece is a stunner.

8. Consider practical pieces of jewelry

If you want jewelry that serves a practical purpose too and isn't just for show, then you can opt for dressy wrist watches and lapel pins. These items of jewelry are functional, and you can enjoy a minimalistic look with them. However, if you are just using one piece of functional jewelry, ensure that it is a statement piece.

9. Avoid color blunders

A huge mistake that many people make with office jewelry is with the color of the jewelry you purchase. Ensure that the color of your jewelry matches your skin tone. Once you have chosen between gold and silver colors, ensure that it goes with your attire as well. Finally, if the jewelry has a colored stone or enamel work on it, match it to a dress with complementary colors. The Apricia blossom delicate earrings  with a colored stone can match your attire and what's more, can be customized to a metal color of your choice.

10. Showcase your personality

Whatever jewelry choices you finally make for your office wear, ensure that your personality and uniqueness shine through. Rather than following the general practice, opt for jewelry that is stylish and different.

Tarinika is home to a vivid range of well-designed jewelry that is available in great styles. Whether you're dressing for a party or building your workwear collection do pay us a visit @shoptarinika.

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