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Perfect Jewellery Collection For Diwali Festival

  • 4 min read

The festival of lights is just around the corner, and what better way to welcome it than with glitter and shine. Yes, this season, make the celebration even more special with some stunning jewellery options. Whether you’re buying for yourself or a loved one, here are some gorgeous designs and the latest trends that you can keep in mind. 

Chokers :


Whatever be the reason and season, chokers never go out of fashion. Available in a range of styles, lengths and designs, you’re sure to find one that suits your sensibilities. You can opt for designs that are made of pure white or yellow metal, based on your skin tone. To bring in more glitter, opt for stone-studded chokers that will surely brighten up your look. Traditionally crafted gold chokers are the perfect choker necklace jewellery to give you a contemporary look too. 



A great gift to add glitter in Diwali season is necklaces. With traditional pieces enjoying as much attention as contemporary ones, find pieces that will go with your attire. Choose the right length of necklaces such that they highlight your best features. From necklaces with a simple pendant to the layered look with chains, you can pick pieces with stones, pearls, or diamonds.  

Earrings :


If there’s one piece of jewellery that you’re sure to enjoy and sport more often than other pieces, then the majority vote would go to earrings Jhumka. A favorite piece of jewellery for many women there’s a fantastic array of styles in earrings to suit your tastes. From teardrop style to pure metal, birthstone jewellery, and even studs, the variety is endless. However, for those seeking to get that traditional look in a stylish Diwali setting, jhumkas are the way to go. Available in a range of sizes to suit your face shape, your dress and individual style, this jewellery is a perfect-go for striking the traditional yet contemporary chord.  


Back with a bang are these statement pieces of jewellery, that are now picked up by many. While often associated only with engagements and weddings, such is not the case anymore. Today a wide array of statement finger rings are available, and you can choose these to amplify your Diwali look. Opt for finger rings studded with your birthstone, precious diamonds, or stones that complement the colour of your clothes. Go for pieces that suit your fingers, and match them with a pretty nose stud to complete the look.  


The traditional waistbands are finding new creative design advantages. A range of waistbands crafted in a variety of metals are now here to amp up your look. Opt for glitter and shine to sparkle during Diwali season. However, if subdued is your style, then opt for waistbands or sari belts that match your look. With a few designs offering flexibility that enables them to be worn as long necklaces too, choose adjustable pieces and can be worn the way you like.  



What’s a better Diwali gift than a set of beautiful bangles jewellery. Adored by most women, today one can opt for statement kadas that come as a single piece or sets of bangles that include a range of varying thickness. Studded with stones or diamonds or available with intricate work, choose a style that’s classic and timeless for this Diwali.  



If bangles aren’t your style, then trendy bracelets can be your best friend. With styles available for both her and him, these make for great gifting options as well. Opt for bracelets to suit your style. Choose from dainty pieces or charm bracelets that are crafted with memories you hold close. You can also opt for bracelets studded with semi-precious or precious stones as well.  

Maang tikas: 


Many sizes, various colours, and an array of designs make the maang tika an excellent jewellery option too. Considered to be a traditional form of jewellery, different designer pieces are available that contemporary suit saris. However, it is essential to choose maang tikas with care, if you plan to buy these. Keep the shape of your face in mind, as a big tika is better suited for a larger forehead than slender maang tikas that complement faces with smaller foreheads.  



With Diwali being considered the auspicious festival that welcomes Goddess Lakshmi, anklets are considered as an auspicious form of jewellery. Crafted with or without tinkling bells, a wide variety of designs are available to pick from. However, do ensure that you choose the right length of the anklet. Also, keep in mind that the material of the anklets is skin-friendly and not allergic.   

The festival of lights and diyas is time to offer prayers to the powers above. It is time to wear new clothes and drape unique jewellery. And this season, shopping to your heart’s content becomes much more accessible. Best online jewellery store options offer the ease of choosing from various designs and various budgets as well. Quick deliveries downtime ensures that you or your loved one gets their jewellery on time. And easy return policies provide that the size and fit can be altered and the piece changed with no fuss. 

So think no more. This Diwali, choose to brighten up your loved one’s smile with a gift of lovely jewellery. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan