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Tips and Tricks to Wear Bracelets with Different Outfits

  • 3 min read

Bracelets and bangles are perfect accessories that complement every occasion and attire. However, to make the most of this beautiful fashion accessory, it is important to choose and pair your bracelets and bangles in the right way. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind.

1. Keep it contemporary

Bracelets are great accessories that can effortlessly amp up your appearance. However, an important trick to remember while pairing bracelets with your western attire is to keep the look contemporary. You also need to choose designs that match the color palette of your dress. The floral delicate CZ bracelet is a beautiful piece. Available with CZ stones in two color options, you can easily choose one that goes with your attire. Also, opt for dresses with short sleeves, as long-sleeved shirts would tend to hide your bracelets and spoil the look.

2. Go traditional

Whether you are dressing for a grand evening party or a simple get-together, bangles are an accessory that you can always wear, without seeming to go overboard. However, when choosing bangles for grand occasions, opt for elaborate workmanship. You can also opt for bangles with stone settings, in colors that complement your attire. A splendid example is the lovely pair of Labanya antique bangles. With delicate design, this Indian jewelry has been hand-crafted with semi-precious stones that have been set in an eye-catching symphony.

3. Showcase your style

Your jewelry must showcase and speaks about who you are and what your personality style is. Choose jewelry that is offbeat and has high artisanship. A beautiful bracelet like the Jalaja double lotus bud bracelet highlights a design that is simple, smart, and unique. As it wraps like a vine around your dainty wrists, it enhances your beauty. Pair it with your western or Indian outfits, and you will surely fall in love with the fuss-free design and attention to detail.

4. Choose the right metal color

Often overlooked is the important aspect of choosing the right metal color to go with your attire and skin tone. Check gold and silver tones and opt for colors that complement your skin tone and attire. Elements of silver in your attire will be best highlighted with silver-colored bracelets and vice versa. It is for this reason that Tarinika crafts many of its jewelry pieces in two distinct metal colors. Bangles like the Binita antique bangles are examples of brilliant design and intricate artisanship in India. More importantly, they are available in colors of both gold and silver, so you can choose what suits you best.

5. Going slim or bold

A great dilemma that many face is whether to opt for a slim and slender bracelet or a bold and chunky one. While we tend to veer towards one or the other based on our personal choices, matching the bracelet style with your outfit and occasion can help. Heavily patterned clothes are best complemented with slender bracelets, while plain and lightly embroidered or patterned attires can look good with bold, chunky bracelets. You can also choose the middle path with bangles and bracelets that carry just the right amount of chic for a range of dresses. an excellent choice in this regard is the pair of Nym gold plated tribal bangles. Antique plating adds a look of class while the simple yet striking tribal design makes it look great with both traditional and contemporary attire.

6. Matching the pattern

Another wonderful way to make your jewelry stand out is to match the pattern of the jewelry with your attire. So, if you are wearing a dress with geometric patterns, then geometry-inspired jewelry will enhance your look. Alternatively, a dress that has a pattern of flowers or leaves, looks good with similar jewelry. The Adonia Nakshatra CZ bangle with Its stone setting complements attires with similar elements. The colored CZs in emerald green and a pretty pink is a great way to complement attires with similar color combinations. Matching both the color and pattern of your sari gives you a customized look too.

Buying the right jewelry to match your attire is not rocket science. In fact, keeping a few easy pointers, shopping smart, and matching your dresses with jewelry well in advance will ensure that you are ready for any occasion to come. So, wait no further. Keep the above tips and tricks in mind and start browsing through the range of designs @shoptarinika.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan