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5 Sparkling Ways to Impress your Loved One

  • 3 min read

Indian jewelry offers a fascinating array of designs. While many think that Indian jewelry is all about bridal collections and elaborate sets, there's much on the other side of the spectrum too. Delicately crafted earrings, finger rings, pendants, and necklaces are also part of the grand platter that Indian heritage jewelry offers.  

A keen eye on design, a focus on jewelry that's both wearable and fashionable, and attention to the pricing, makes it possible for us at Tarinika to bring jewelry that looks grand on you but is easy on the pocket. 

This week we bring you five exciting designs that your loved one will cherish and wear. Not only are these a perfect workwear jewelry, but they also add to your look when you're dressing up for parties and get-togethers.  

So, wait no further. As the old year ends and a grand new year begins, surprise and impress your loved one with these impeccable styles. 

Delicate Pendant Sets: 

The beauty of a pendant set lies in its attention to craftsmanship and design. Carefully crafted with minute details at the house of Tarinika, is a range of exquisite pieces of workmanship that are delightful to behold and adorn. Studded with CZ stones, the carefully designed earrings complete your look whatever be the occasion. While there's a range of delicate workwear jewelry to choose from, our favorite remains the Anka CZ pendant set. Available in the tones of gold and silver, you can choose the color that suits your style. Or, as most people prefer to do, buy both and let your loved one wear them the way she wishes to. 



A gift from our highly talented Indian jewelers is the exquisite range of earrings on offer. We know how often we like to change earrings, and how often we don't like to repeat designs. Tarinika offers a stunning range of Indian earrings in varied metals, colors, and shapes. You can opt for studs, teardrop-shaped CZ stones, or even larger danglers. On Tarinika, you’ll always have the freedom to choose the shape that suits your style, and you can enjoy a vivid range of jewelry that's high on craftsmanship and easy on the pocket. One of our favorites here is the Azhar set, which offers earrings shaped like beautiful flowers in tones of silver and gold. 


Finger Rings:

Fashionable and versatile, this jewelry is a great way to impress your girlfriend or spouse. A personalized piece that she will love and adorn, you can opt for metals that are hypoallergic, high in quality and design, and also pocket-friendly. Do check out the stunning Deepal delicate CZ ring from Tarinika. A bold yet elegant statement piece of jewelry, this too is available in tones of silver and gold to suit your skin tone. You can also check out the colorful CZ studded Dai delicate rings. Crafted with stones in radiant colors, you can choose different colors to match your look. 


Armlets & Bracelets:

Back in the fashion scene with a bang are these timeless pieces of jewelry. Available in contemporary and traditional styles, there's a range of armlets and bracelets available at Tarinika. Bold and beautiful or delicate and classy, you can choose the one that appeals to your heart. Do check out our lotus bud and lotus motif-inspired slender bracelets, that have our heart. Those seeking elaborate bridal wear jewelry should check out our Kangna range of bangles, that ring in glamor and class with their ethnic elegance. 



One element of Indian jewelry that has redefined itself over the years is perhaps the humble pair of anklets. Once purchased only in the pure elements of silver and gold, today these beautiful pieces of jewelry have transformed. With a range of colors, materials, and metals now being put to use, one can find both contemporary and traditional elements in anklet designs. So, if your loved one loves anklets, then do surprise her with a beautifully created pair of anklets from Tarinika. Geometrical shapes, pearl drops, CZ stones, and colored enamel are used to create these beautiful pieces of art. Do check out the Deeba antique anklets that are beautiful in traditional design and complete the look with pearl drops. 


Delicate jewelry is loved by many for its charm. Not only are these pieces lighter to wear, but they also suit most occasions. Light evening wear, parties, and even workwear jewelry are much in demand. So, if you do wish to surprise your loved one, choose an elegant delicate jewelry from Tarinika.

Stay tuned to for a more updated collection as we are complementing our collection continuously.

What are some of your favorite Indian jewelry from Tarinika’s new arrival? We’d love to know in the comments. You can also DM us on Instagram @shoptarinika or message us on Facebook.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan