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Shop Fashion Jewelry Indian Anklets Online 

Anklets have been enhancing the beauty of women’s ankles for a long time now. Usually worn in pairs, they may symbolize the married status of the woman, her standing in the society and her affluence while a single anklet of the left ankle is mainly considered as protection from evil eye in the form of charm or bead. Indian anklets are becoming popular in the western world too. Normally, women in the western culture anklets on only one foot to accessorize their ankles and look beautiful. 

There are many kinds of Indian anklets in the market made from diverse things such as thread, beads, pearls, cowrie shells, gold, silver, brass, copper, etc. Anklets made from thread or oxidized material are usually worn casually as a boho chic accessory while anklets made from precious metals are meant for auspicious celebrations in India. 

In the world of fashion jewelry, you will find many options such as antique anklets, Nakshatra CZ anklets, and Kundan anklets. Fashion jewelry is perfect when you have limited budget or have limited use. Tarinika’s Indian fashion jewelry is not only affordable but also has a huge variety and is made of highest quality metals and gemstones. Let’s have a look of the treasure trove of Tarinika’s anklets online: 

1. Antique Anklets 

Antique anklets are made up of fine gold plating on brass metal. They are accessorized with pearls, beads, golden drop balls, etc., to look graceful. There are simple antique anklets like the Onella Antique Anklets that are made of gold-plated brass alloy embellished with colorful semi-precious Kempu stones. The anklets are available in two variants – Antique gold polish with red variant, and Antique gold polish with red-green variant. You can wear anklets with simple traditional attire like a solid-colored saree or Anarkali suit to add to your festive look. Some anklets feature bolder designs such as the Sadaf Antique Anklets that have antique gold-plated brass and encrusted with high-quality Nakshatra CZ stones. 

2. Nakshatra CZ Anklets 

The primary difference between Antique anklets and Nakshatra CZ anklets is that antique anklets can, sometimes, be made of metalwork only, while Nakshatra CZ anklets always have Cubic Zirconia stones in the design. They can also have complementary stones too, but CZ stones are a must. Tarinika has a beautiful collection of simple CZ anklets like the Charm Nakshatra CZ Anklets and bridal anklets such as Neeli Nakshatra CZ Anklets. You can wear Nakshatra CZ anklets with ethnic wear like sarees, lehenga suits or a western palazzo for an elegant look. 

3. Kundan Anklets 

Kundan anklets are made using the age-old technique of making Kundan jewelry. Kundan jewelry is very popular among brides due to the royal look Kundan jewelry brings to the wearer. Kundan anklets like the Aangi Kundan anklets can be worn at weddings or special occasions with Indian attire such as sarees, lehengas, or Anarkali suits. Kundan anklets can also be paired with other Kundan jewelry like choker, necklace, or earrings for a perfectly finished look. 

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