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7 Must have Chandbali Earring Designs from Tarinika

  • 3 min read

Jewellery is frequently an asset and, for many individuals, has a significant emotional significance. Purchase just the finest from the Tarinika. The top 7  hoops earring designs are listed here for you to purchase. 


1. Earrings in antique silver Chandbali by Kalpa 

Are you searching for earrings that would complement your traditional attire with a touch of contemporary Indian chic? It is Kalpa that you require. These  Kalpa antique chandbali earrings are exquisitely made with a variety of patterns and textures to give you the most gorgeous appearance conceivable. 


2. Antique Earrings with Elephants and Pearls 

These vintage-styled  elephants and pearls antique earrings by Tarinika are inspired by nature. The design's focal point is the elephant motifs, which shine with premium CZ stones. The pearl clusters provide an appealing and fashionable contrast. A wonderful accent for regular attire. 


3. Koshin Floral Delicate Earrings 

The latest collection by Tarinika is full of exquisite florals and designs. They would be a great choice for spring/summer attire. These 3D-printed vintage drop earrings by Tarinika are expertly crafted to provide lightweight, delicate jewellery for casual use. These  Koshin Floral Delicate earrings can be worn with a variety of outfits and look great. Tops or tunics in solid colours would be ideal. 


4. Earrings with Aegle nakshatra CZ 

These stunning  Aegle Nakshatra Tarinika CZ earrings beautifully recreate the blooming landscape with their intricate and sumptuous design. They are constructed with spectacularly sparkling marquise and round white CZ stones. With such a gold-plated polish, the sophisticated design gives your outfit a bright touch of glitz. 


5. Floryn Antique Chandbali Earrings 

Wear these exquisite  Floryn Chandbali Earrings with antique gold shine from  Tarinika's unique collection. Our skilled artisans handcraft them with flower intricacy and attention to aesthetics. On your big day, pair them with your preferred traditional attire and seize the light. 


6. Intricate CZ earrings by Aurelia 

The  delicate CZ earrings by Aurelia are stunning and classic. These CZ earrings were painstakingly made just for you. This earring will be stunning if you have got a big occasion coming up. Style them with your preferred party attire.


7. Tael Dreamy Earring 

The stunning design of these  Tael Dreamy earrings by Tarinika was drawn from nature. The dangle drop is made with petals placed around a textured circular ring, and the studs have a floral design. The distinctive floral and petal pattern gives the piece a classy feel. They are quite delicate and ideal for casual use. 


Care for the jewellery generally 

Jewellery should be frequently inspected by a professional for wear or damage. Bring your  jewellery toTarinika if you have specific concerns regarding its condition. They would take great delight in assisting you in maintaining yours so that it continues to look new. Here are some pointers on how to maintain it in excellent condition: 

  • Remove your jewellery before engaging in any activity that could cause it to be scratched, knocked, or otherwise damaged. Put it off and store it safely if you have any doubts. 
  • Remove it before going to bed. 
  • Keep chlorine and other chemicals far away from it. Rinse it in the water right away if does come in contact with chemicals. 
  • Take a shower and use any lotions or scents before donning jewellery. Pearl and opals are examples of organic gemstones that are extremely sensitive to acids and even perspiration. 
  • Keep it separately, preferably in a box or case with a soft interior, to prevent your prized possessions from tangling, rubbing, or scratching one another. Pearls in particularly must be kept apart since harsh gemstones are prone to scratching them. 
  • To prevent tangling, make sure necklaces and pendants are attached before storage. 
  • Take off your jewellery before cooking or cleaning. 
  • Please keep jewellery out of direct sunlight, intense heat, and moist environments when keeping it. 
  • Blog by: Saptadeep Dey