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Hoop Earrings

Zoya Nakshatra CZ Hoop Earrings
Aine Nakshatra CZ Hoop Earrings
Jalaja Delicate Floral Hoop Earrings
Inca Antique Jadau Chandbali Earrings
Fish Oxidized Hoop Earrings
Arnica Nakshatra CZ Chandbali Earrings
Flora Nakshatra CZ Chandbali Earrings
Floral Classic Nakshatra CZ Chandbali Earrings
Peacock Delicate Nakshatra CZ Chandbali Earrings
Square Delicate Nakshatra CZ Chandbali Earrings
Anika Antique Statement Chandbali Earrings
Classic Two layered Antique Chandbali Earrings
Floral Classic Antique Chandbali Earrings
Peacock Classic Antique Chandbali Earrings
Floral Sparkle Jhumki Nakshatra CZ Chandbali Earrings
Maati Fusion Chandbali Antique Oxidized Earrings
Gleam Delicate CZ Earrings
Delilah Delicate CZ Earrings
Aurelia Delicate CZ Earrings
Aamod Floral Antique Chandbali Earrings
Leafy Antique Chandbali Earrings
Floryn Guttapusalu Antique Chandbali Earrings
Floryn Antique Chandbali Earrings
Garden in a Ring CZ Earrings
Garden in a Ring CZ Earrings $16.99 $24.99
32% Off
Elephants and Pearls Antique Earrings
Koshin Floral Delicate Earrings
Koshin Floral Delicate Earrings $15.69 $24.99
37% Off
Tael Dreamy Earrings
Fleur Lotus Earrings
Kalpa Antique Silver Chandbali Earrings
Giniya Nakshatra CZ Earrings
Giniya Nakshatra CZ Earrings $17.50 $34.99
49% Off
Edina Nakshatra CZ Earrings
Edina Nakshatra CZ Earrings Sold Out
Kanan Antique Chandbali Earrings
Kalpa Antique Chandbali Earrings
Niya Antique Earrings
Kavia Antique Hoop Earrings
Malti Antique Earrings
Malti Antique Earrings $11.99 $19.99
40% Off
Ami Nakshatra CZ Earrings
Ami Nakshatra CZ Earrings $10.49 $14.99
30% Off
Eashi Antique Earrings
Olive Nakshatra CZ Earrings
Sahima Nakshatra CZ Earrings
Elina Antique Earrings
Elina Antique Earrings $12.99 $19.99
35% Off
Vyoma Antique Chandbali Earrings
Vyoma Antique Chandbali Earrings $19.99 $29.99
33% Off

Shop Indian Hoop Earrings Online 

Hoop earrings were prominent in the ‘90s but did you know that Kings and Queens of olden times used to wear hoops as a sign of their status? Hoop earrings are certainly magical in that they can go with almost any outfit and make you look fabulous at the same time. Hoops draw attention to your face while complimenting the shape of your jaw and cheekbones. So, next time you are getting ready to go out, add some hoops to your outfit and do away with contouring powder to get extra face dimension!    

Indian hoop earrings come in various shapes and styles to suit any occasion. Nowadays, you get many options in embellished hoop earrings that make them look certifiably gorgeous. Thanks to the fashion jewelry trend, you can choose from a wide array of tiny to chunky hoop earrings. Indian hoop earrings form an indelible part of the Indian jewelry heritage. The first earrings a girl wears after piercing her ears are usually hoops.    

Indian earrings or desi earrings come in different styles. So, without further ado, let’s have a brief look at these styles:    

Antique Hoop Earrings 

Antique hoop earrings are aged and rusty, making them very popular. They are usually made of brass with an antique matte finish in gold, silver, white, or rose, depending upon the design. In hoop earrings, you will find elegant traditional motifs of flowers, leaves, animals, bells, beads, tribal, and more.Antique flower hoop earrings are particularly attractive.Some hoops are also enameled in different colors to make them more attractive while you also have oxidized hoop earrings variety. One of the best antique hoop earrings online isMalti Antique Earrings. These earrings are made of antique gold-plated brass, flower motifs, and freshwater pearls. They are lightweight, so you can wear them for long hours comfortably. You can pair them with tunics or simple ethnic wear easily. Indian earrings or desi earrings in this style will look good on any outfit. Buying hoop earrings online is made easier with Tarinika! 

Nakshatra CZ Hoop Earrings 

Nakshatra CZ Hoops come in base metal of gold-plated brass studded with brilliant cubic zirconia stones. CZ stones are durable and dazzling and come in different colors, making them a good choice for jewelry. CZ hoop earrings can be embellished with flowers or other motifs to add glamor. You can wear these hoop earrings whenever you feel like adding a little bling to your outfit, and they are perfect for outings with friends, parties, or special occasions.Olive Nakshatra CZ Earrings are one of the best designs in CZ hoop earrings online. They are made using 3D printing technology and set with high-quality CZ stones for a luxurious finish. Wear these Indian earrings with any outfit, ethnic wear or jeans and a top. Buy hoop earrings online from Tarinika, and get your favorite hoop earrings today!   

Why Should You Buy Hoop Earrings Online from Tarinika?   

At Tarinika, we believe in meeting and exceeding our customers' expectations in the quality of our jewelry.These earrings are also called desi earrings, and are incredibly popular. Our hoop earrings are meticulously handcrafted and rigorously tested for quality to satisfy our customers. We use only high-grade, premium materials in the manufacturing of hoop earrings. We offer customization at no supplementary or hidden cost to show our commitment to our customers' happiness. 



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