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How to choose Indian Bridal Jewelry for Weddings

  • 3 min read

Wedding planning needs time, and it can often get hectic. Few months before the big day is when the bride-to-be is busy getting her look for the wedding right. Visits to various stores, for clothes and jewellery mark this period. However, we are here to help you remove the hassle (and stress!) of choosing your perfect bridal wedding jewellery. After all, to look radiant on your big day, you need to relax.

While this seems like a tough ask, it isn't impossible. In fact, with the option of online shopping now available, you can shop easily right from the comfort of your home. We bring you five tips on various jewellery and how you can easily choose right from home.

Choosing Necklaces 

The first piece of jewellery that comes to mind when you're shopping for a wedding is purchasing a necklace. With a variety of designs available, you need to keep in mind that one set is not going to be enough. While you may have to wear your heirloom pieces or gifts from the mother-in-law for one of the occasions, you do need to plan for the other functions too.  

So, start by chalking the different events at your wedding, and the jewellery best suited for each. Choosing a modern and gorgeous one is highly recommended for sangeet. For example, you can check out the Nandini CZ necklace that has been intricately crafted to wow at such special occasions. 

Selecting Armlets 

A great way to enhance your wedding attire is to opt for jewelry that's traditional yet distinct. While necklaces and bangles are a wedding staple, opting for jewelry such as armlets can enhance your look. 

These go wonderfully with traditional wedding attire, and if you're planning on a traditional silk sari for the wedding, these can enhance your look. While choosing armlets, opt to wear them such that the design and colors of the armlet match with your clothing/ 

Wearing these on blouses with lesser embroidery can balance your look better. A grand example of a distinctively designed armlet is the Vibha nakshatra CZ armlets from Tarinika. Crafted with CZs, these can add sparkle to any sari and blouse, and make you look grand. 

Opt for a complete Bridal Set 

Instead of choosing one-off pieces, a smart thing to do is to select an entire bridal set. These sets cut down plenty of effort as you don't have to shop for individual pieces. Additionally, a well-crafted set complements you beautifully and completes your look. 

While these are usually priced a little higher than individual pieces, these are a smart decision and can help you sort out the look for a function at a wedding quite easily. The Suhana bridal set from the house of Tarinika is a great choice. Crafted with CZs in a fascinatingly intricate design, this set comprises of seven beautiful components. 

These include three necklaces of different lengths, right from a choker to a short length and a long necklace. Beautiful Indian earrings enhance the look, while maang tika, passa, and bracelets with finger rings, give the extra touch of zing to your attire.

Discover the glory of waistbands 

Accentuate a narrow waist with beautiful waistbands. There are few occasions where you can effortlessly carry off a waistband, and weddings are one of them. A must-have for traditional weddings, do not miss out on adding this accessory to your wedding attire. However, do remember to wear them right. 

While many feel that waistbands should be worn over the navel, you can shift their position up or down, depending on what suits you best. However, you wear this accessory, do opt for a classy design that reflects your individual style. Opting for antique jewelry like South Indian temple jewellery is a great idea. The Chakriya antique waistband from Tarinika is crafted with motifs of Goddess Lakshmi and colored CZs, to create an elegant and stylish piece. 

The Quintessential Maang Tika 

Finally, the jewel on top is the beautiful maang tika. Finding a prominent place in bridal collections, maang tikas are an important addition in bridal attire. Choose a style that suits your forehead and opt for heavy designs if you have a broad forehead. Alternatively, a narrow forehead needs a slender design. 

Don't fret if you're unsure, for there's plenty of safe middle ground to choose your jewellery. Opt for pieces that complement your attire and have been mindfully crafted with precision in design. Tarinika's Vibha Nakshatra maang tika is one such piece of jewelry that's been star-studded to add to your glamor. 

While looking your stunning best may seem like a tough ask, it can be absolutely rewarding. Do browse through the extensive collection of Tarinika or DM us at Instagram @shoptarinika. You can also message us on Facebook. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan