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Perfect Bridal Jewelry for All Wedding Occasions 

  • 3 min read

Indian festivals are a time of celebration. It is a time when family, friends, and relatives get together, spread laughter, and create memories. It is time to look your radiant best and get those carefully chosen clothes and jewelry out from their boxes and adorn them. The first year of festivals is even more important for the newlywed Indian bride, the center of attention for the doting family.  


To look your best not just on your wedding day, but through the important days of the year is no easy task. But fret not; with a bit of foresight and careful planning, you can ace your look every time. The smartest thing to do is to plan much. A new bride can shop for festival jewelry pieces while she is buying bridal jewellery sets for her wedding. Do remember that not all pieces need to be in pure gold or diamond. While you can choose a few pieces in precious stones and metals, you can buy a few designer pieces that show exquisite craft. While you plan for jewelry, do keep these aspects in mind.  

  • A Budget:

     Plan a budget that is comfortable for you. With a number in mind, you can go about choosing a combination of jewelry, that's beautiful yet easy on your pocket too. If you feel that formulating a budget is tough, you can browse various jewelry sites online to know the price range you can expect. This will enable you to plan accordingly. 

  • Your Color Palette:

     Know the colors you wish to play around with. Festival times are usually all about bright, happy colors, but you can also opt for the subdued and pastel palette. Depending on the colors of your attire, you can then look at jewelry to complement. So, while you shop for your bridal trousseau, keep a mix of different Indian dresses for various social occasions. This will allow you to choose jewelry also. Last but not least, ensure that the color palette you select complements your skin tone.  


  • Buy Jewelry in Varied Materials:

     The lovely colors of gold and silver and the many hues these two precious metals come in, offering a range in itself. Then there are the elegant pearls, ruby red stones, and emerald greens that entice. Buy your jewelry in a mix of different shades and materials to add diversity to your wardrobe.   


  • Complement the Attire:

     The jewelry you wear should complement your attire and not overpower or underwhelm in any manner. So, choose pieces as per the neckline of your dress. You can opt for necklaces in varying lengths ranging from the choker necklace to a longer work. While these can be worn together for grand evenings, each of these pieces can be worn on their own for smaller functions.  


  • Look at Craftsmanship:

     Advertising often leads us to believe that the more expensive pieces are better. However, such is not the case. There are many beautiful pieces of jewelry out there, waiting for you at lesser costs. All you need to do is tune your wavelength to the craftsmanship of the piece. Look at brands that offer the novelty of design, and you will find pieces that are high on craft and light on the pocket as well.  


  • Buy Smart: 

    Pendant sets and jewelry sets are an excellent way to get more for less. While sets can be worn for a grand occasion, you can also wear one part of the set for specific events. 


Buying jewelry can be a fun experience if you know where to look for the best pieces. If you're unsure of what to buy and from where do remember to take a trusted friend along. Some stores also offer assistance to help you create an impressive look. Wherever you purchase from, be sure that the brand is trusted and offers excellent quality products and great service.  

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan