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How to choose the perfect wedding jewelry gifts

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Indian weddings are known for their various ceremonials and unique traditions. No Indian wedding is complete without a little sparkle. Jewelry plays an integral part in a wedding, not only in the bride's wedding trousseau but also as a great gifting option. What most people don't understand is that giving a wedding gift is etiquette in itself. While trusting your gut is essential, it comes down to good manners and common sense.   

It can often get confusing and overwhelming to choose a wedding gift. Whether you are attending a wedding or a reception or both and don't know what to give, jewelry is the ideal gift. However, the budget for the wedding gift can also be of concern. This is where the underrated essence of artificial jewellery comes into the picture. Artificial jewelry has the same elegance and charm as precious jewelry. However, artificial jewellery is light on the pocket and ideal for friends and colleagues.  

Whether you are a sister, a cousin, a bridesmaid, or simply a close friend, here is your guide to choosing the perfect wedding gift.  



Earrings make for a perfect wedding gift for the bride as women and a pair of earrings go hand in hand in India. If you are someone close to the bride, you can pick a pair that resonates with her personality. A pair of earrings gifted by the bride's sister or cousin is a keepsake for sure. This is an ideal choice as earrings are versatile and can be paired with almost anything.   



Giving a beautiful necklace set to the bride is an exclusive gift as it comes with a matching pair of earrings and, in most cases, a Nethi chutti (headgear). This gift can also act as a piece of generational jewelry which makes it all the more special. Gifting a simple chain to the groom is also an ideal choice for his relatives or friends. In most Indian traditions, it is customary for the relatives of the bride and groom to give the groom a chain during the wedding ceremony. 


Rings are jewelry that almost everyone wears, irrespective of their gender. Rings make for a very personalized and the best gift choice to give both the bride and the groom. Every jewelry store has options for love bands in different kinds of metals. Custom-made rings make the occasion all the more unique and act as a souvenir to remember their best day for the rest of their lives.



Bracelets are a peppy and fancy accessory to gift anyone. Just like the rings, bracelets can also be given as a pair to the bride and groom. It makes for a very quirky gift and can be personalized in many different ways. Bracelets fit everyone and add an extra oomph to one's appearance. If the couple is close friends of yours, a bracelet can remind them of all the fun times you shared with them. 



If you want your gift to stand out from the rest of the crowd, then gifting the bride's anklets is ideal. This unusual piece of jewelry is not given as a gift, but when you give anklets to the bride, it often lasts for a long time. Anklets may come as a surprise because of their underrated ability to beautify one's feet. It is a significant and memorable gift to give the bride.



A woman can never have enough bangles, and hence gifting a bride a bangle is a great choice. If the bride is someone who likes dressing up, then a bangle is your best bet. A bangle is a functional piece of jewelry as she can adorn it effortlessly for any occasion. Gifting a bangle with a simple design will constitute her daily wear and add a little glitter to her office attire. 


Buying the bride a chain with a simple yet elegant pendant as a gift is indeed a meaningful gesture. A chain and a pendant are light and classy. As it is customary for antique jewellery, gifting a pendant covers that purpose. A simple pendant and charm will add a slight shimmer to her overall persona.

Waist Band


Waist band is a unique gift to give someone as it is a pretty uncommon gift. Not all women wear a waist band, so you have to ensure that the bride would have no qualms to wear it. A hip chain is the most charming piece of jewelry to give someone. It provides an elegant look to a person's figure and is used in most wedding ceremonies in India by women. A waist band is sure to add a trendy look to your appearance for any occasion. Hair brooches come in various varieties, sizes, and shapes; these include hairpins, headbands, tiaras, and headpieces.

Hair Brooch


A hair brooch is opulent and a must-have addition to every jewelry box. If you are a best friend looking to give the bride a functional yet charming gift, then a hair brooch is the best choice. Choosing a contemporary hair brooch can help the bride pair it with an Indian and Western outfit. A hair brooch makes up for the best accessory for the hair and adds to the overall elegance for any special occasion.   

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  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan