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How To Protect Your Loved Indian Jewelry from Tarnishing!

  • 3 min read

Do you also wish that your beloved jewelry looks as shiny and new, as it did on the day you purchased it? However, unfortunately, metals have a tendency to get impacted by the environment and various other factors. As a result, it tarnishes, thereby losing its sheen and appeal over time.  

But don't worry, for all is not in vain. Tarnishing is only a temporary change, and with a little extra effort, you can protect your favorite necklaces and rings from their effects. Read on to find out more. 

What is tarnishing, and why does jewelry get tarnished? 

Tarnishing refers to the loss of shine of an object, such as jewelry. As a result, the object begins to look dull and lifeless, and you are unable to wear it anymore. Indian Jewellers get tarnished due to a chemical change on the surface of the metal, and various factors can be responsible for it.  


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These include exposure to the metal and its contact with humidity, sweat, makeup, and body oils. These react with the jewelry and form a dull coating, thereby making it look dull. The amount of tarnishing on a piece of jewelry varies depending upon the extent to which it has been exposed to damaging factors. So, while in the early stages a tarnished object may appear lightly dull, your jewelry may turn completely black if tarnished for a long time. While different metals get tarnished in different ways, nickel and silver often show their effect the most.  

Can tarnishing be reversed? 

Yes, you can breathe a sigh of relief, for tarnishing on those pretty Indian necklaces and anklets can most certainly be reversed. In fact, there are many hacks and methods that can be used to reverse tarnishing. A few methods include 

  • Using a special cleaning cloth: These are available at many stores. Rubbing your ornaments with this cloth can help remove signs of tarnishing and bring the pieces back to their former glory. 
  • A combination of white vinegar and water can also work well in removing tarnish. To use this, all you need to do is mix vinegar and water in equal proportions. Then using a soft toothbrush dipped in this solution, clean the tarnished areas. 
  • Dipping silver ornaments in saltwater can also remove the tarnish. However, it is always better to test this method on a very small part of the piece before dipping it entirely into a salt bath. 


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A word of caution though. Not all metals are suitably cleaned by the given methods. It would always be better to test the cleaning methods on a part of the ornament before cleaning it completely using these methods.  

How can you protect your jewelry from tarnish? 

Prevention is always better than cure. Regular maintenance and safekeeping of your jewelry will ensure that you are able to protect jewelry from tarnish for a longer time. A little care can thereby go a long way in keeping your beautiful jewelry safe. To protect from tarnish, 

-Always wear jewelry after you apply makeup. In fact, experts say that jewelry must be the last thing to put on, and the first thing to remove. This will ensure that the surface of your ornaments aren't much exposed to detrimental factors. 


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-Before storing your jewelry, wipe it with a soft cloth. Also, store it in a box with cloth or cotton, so humidity if any will be absorbed by the cloth. 


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-Remove your jewelry before a bath or a swim. This will reduce its exposure to the harms of chlorinated water. 


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-Remove jewelry before participating in any strenuous activities, so as to protect it from scratches and exposure to dust. 


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The amount of tarnish on your favorite ornaments will also depend on the quality and type of the metal. While some metals tend to tarnish faster and are hard to recover using the above methods, other metals tarnish slowly. It is therefore important to buy metals of high quality, to ensure that you can enjoy your jewelry for longer. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan