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Jewelry Inspired from Famous Indian Monuments

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Indian jewelry has fascinated many people across the world for its creativity. The fact that it derives its design concept from the world around it makes Indian jewelry an art form. While we have all seen pieces of jewelry being inspired by nature's flowers, animal life, and even its Gods and Goddesses, few know that ancient jewelry in India and antique jewelry designs take inspiration from famous Indian monuments as well.  

Yes, that is true. India's culture and heritage are glorious examples of its creativity. From a choice of color to design, here are some interesting stories behind a few monuments and jewelry inspired by them. These pieces tell the story of a rich legacy that tends to carry forward in its design and style.  

The Mysore palace is imposing and striking in its grandeur; this grand edifice is known for its mix of architectural designs. While its beauty has inspired many poets, jewelry designers have not been far behind. They have constantly taken inspiration from the intricately designed ceilings, ornate pillars, and floor tile patterns. Be it the choice of color or shapes; there's much to drool over. Besides the intricate carving and usage of materials that can be seen, pieces from the royal jewelry collection are much loved as well.  


You can find Pendants, necklaces, and earrings with elements of the Mysore palace captured in them. Finger rings highlighting the royal elephant motifs and the hues of deep pink.  

The Taj Mahal  

Be it forts or palaces, Mughal architecture is known for its intricate patterning and nature-inspired motifs. Intricate in design, and wonder of the world, many reasons make The Taj Mahal an inspiration for jewelry designers. From its beautifully carved minarets used in necklace designs to its fine filigree work that features earrings, maang tikas, and chains, there's inspiration waiting to be discovered. Exquisite artistry, meenakari work with white enamel, and Mughal-inspired patterns reflect the story of the Taj Mahal in many pieces of jewelry.  

You can find Necklaces, Earrings, elaborately carved rings, and Indian choker necklaces as well.  


The Udaipur City Palace  

The city of Udaipur is famed for its many beautiful palaces. However, a key attraction that inspires many is the city palace. An exemplary showcase of grandeur, it holds within its wall's beautiful carvings and grand artistry. The beautiful jharokhas and colors, reflective mirrors, inlay work, and glass are reflected in Udaipur-inspired jewelry collections. Peacock arches, fluted columns, and the use of tinted glass can be seen in jewelry that reflects its persona.   

You can find Pendants and necklaces with a play of color and geometry reflective of its arches and creativity.  


Meenakshi Amman Temple  

Blues, pinks, and a rainbow of other colors adorn the dome of this beautiful temple, where beautiful Gods and Goddesses have been intricately carved. Located in Madurai, this sixth-century temple is much revered. With prayers to the Goddess considered auspicious in Hindu culture, many wedding jewelry pieces feature Gods and Goddesses seated under the beautiful temple arches. With the expanse of this beautiful temple being immense, there is much to get inspired by in its courtyard.  

You can find necklaces in different lengths, waist belts, pendants, earrings, and traditional bangles with temple arches and Gods.  

Brihadeeswarar Temple  

A stunning example of Tamil architecture is this Shiva temple located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. It is made up of beautifully carved pillars where geometric designs can be seen on the ceilings and arches. The usage of granite, and striking patterns, make it a source of inspiration for jewelry designers across the nation. This marvel of the Cholas period has a very signature style, which is often seen in antique jewelry pieces.  

You can find Indian Earrings and pendant sets with this intricate work. Many anklets and even bangles and bracelets reflect its unique style.


Indian jewelry takes inspiration from the fabric of the world around it. India as a nation is blessed to have been steeped in a culture that is centuries old. As architecture from the yesteryears reflects the elements of those times, it is natural that these monuments become a source of inspiration for today's jewelry designs.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan