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How To Show Your Style With Your Jewelry

  • 3 min read

Whether you opt for the traditional route or decide to stir up a contemporary fashion storm, it's your jewelry that enables you to stand out from the crowd. Unique tastes, 'different' and 'fresh' jewelry, and complimentary style are the terms that define your sense of fashion. At Tarinika, we know how important it is for you to highlight your individuality. And so, our creative team constantly works at crafting pieces that are singular, beautiful, and enhance your style.

Antique expressions

Antique jewelry reserves a charm of its own. Be it stunning necklaces or statement earrings, this jewelry is a great way to complement your traditional attire. Used smartly, you can also wear antique jewelry over contemporary western wear, and craft a unique look of your own. Celebrating the freedom of expression is Tarinika's Aashi antique earrings. The stunning pair of jhumkas are available with a red or blue enamel finish, enabling you to choose a shade that complements your attire. With beautiful craftsmanship, the play of pearls at the base of the earrings, lends a fascinating charm, making this a statement piece in its own right.

Grand Chokers

When you dress to look your best, then a grand choker set is what you need. However, rather than opting for run-on-the-mill designs, Tarinika designers recommend that you choose something offbeat and stylish, that speaks of your singular style. Much loved and recommended in this section is the Heya antique choker set. A traditional design, crafted with divine motifs, the floral arrangement is what offers the uniqueness here. With traditionally crafted earrings to match, you can sizzle in a sari with this beauty wrapped around your neck. Simple yet stylish, elaborate, and classy, this is a winner for wedding and party wear. With Ganesha and Lakshmi Devi motifs surrounded by lovely CZs, this one is a great way to welcome the festival season too.

Glittering Necklaces

Special parties, evening events, and cocktail dinners need you to amp your game with jewelry that can catch and play with the light around. Well-crafted CZ necklace sets are the perfect adornment for such special occasions. However, rather than opting for a piece with plenty of glitters, choose a piece that balances your look with the right cut, style, and detailing as well. Much loved in this category is the intricately patterned Almora nakshatra CZ necklace set. For those who want color and finesse in their jewelry, colored CZs can do the trick. Opt for beautifully crafted pieces like the Alala gold plated tribal necklace set that packs in the right amount of glitter. The tribal design offers uniqueness and enhances your look

Geometric Rhythm

An enticing form of jewelry, geometric patterns lend a whiff of freshness to the world of jewelry design. Moreover, jewelry with geometric patterns goes well not just with western wear, but also with Indian attire too. It enables you to look different, stylish, and unique. Also, you can opt for such jewelry for a range of occasions, right from formal to casual and partywear. From the house of Tarinika, a much-loved geometry-inspired piece of jewelry is the Geometric flare earrings. True to their name, these are a great choice to flare up your style quotient. A combination of circles and triangles, this beautiful set is available in tones of both gold and silver.

Floral delights

With our planet blessed with fauna and flora in vivid variety, it's hard not to get inspired by this wealth of wonder that surrounds us. While many jewelry pieces at Tarinika take inspiration from the world around, the queen of flowers for us is the beautiful lotus. Our Jalaja collection inspires by its beauty. A unique and very enticing piece from this collection is the  Jalaja statement multi-finger enamel ring. With motifs of lotus flowers and buds in pink enamel interspersed with pretty pearls, this one is a delicate beauty that is a winner of hearts. The multi-finger ring style is unique, and you can stand out in style with this piece alone. The lovers of the minimalistic look can choose this one jewelry to keep their look striking yet clutter-free.

Besides the above-listed pieces of jewelry that enhance your style, do browse through our latest designs  @shoptarinika. Here, a new collection and varieties keep getting added regularly, thereby allowing you to shop to your heart's content.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan