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6 Stunning Must-have Indian Anklets & Armlets under $50!

  • 3 min read

Looking stylish all the time isn't an easy task. It takes a careful collation of beautiful jewelry, matching the colors appropriately, and building a fine collection over time, which leads to creating your inimitable style.  

While a choice of earrings and necklaces is the easiest and best way to start your  jewelry collection, don't overlook the variety of anklets and armlets while you're at it. In this blog, we bring you six fascinating designs in  Indian anklets and armlets that celebrate life, style, and fashion. 

The Beautiful Anklet Must-haves 

Anklets have been enjoying their own special place in the hearts of jewelry lovers for many ages now. Available in silver and gold tones initially, today there's a choice of metal tones, colors, and even designs. For a beautiful fitting anklet, choose a piece that sits perfectly above your foot, isn't too tight or too loose to slip off. When it comes to designs, the options are varied, but some of the popular ones at Tarinika include, 

Malar Antique Anklets:

Celebrating the spirit of monsoons, this inspired piece is simple, classic, and traditional. A favorite for many shoppers, the unique play of design and stonework, makes it a delight to drape. The fine finish and sturdy quality ensure that you will enjoy both its beauty and longevity for a long time to come.

Hasina Antique Anklets:

Designed for all the 'hasinas' amongst us, this beautiful and dainty-looking piece is a heart winner. With a floral design that dominates the length of the anklet, the little drop design adds extra ounces of charm. With colored CZs adding the sparkle, this lovely set can complement both your Indian and western attire. Choose to wear it at weddings and festivals and complement it with floral elements in other jewelry pieces too.

Deeba Antique Anklets:

Ranking high on the oomph factor, this intricately crafted piece sits beautifully on your pretty feet. A perfect set to wear on traditional sarees, with the right styling you can use these as statement jewelry with any attire, Indian or western. The lovely detailing, play of drop pearls and colored CZs, and charm of the fusion design are true heart-winners.

The Fashionable Armlet Collection 

Festive occasions and special times such as weddings often call for special jewelry. While  necklace sets and bangles are often the common choices, it is the armlets that can really enhance your look and create a striking style for you. While it is important to choose the right kind of armlet to complement your attire, wearing it at the right place on your upper arm can make or break your look. However, this is a personal choice, so try wearing it at different positions on your arm, before finalizing your look. A few choices that are beautiful, dainty, and stunning from the Tarinika brand are given below, to help you get started with the best choices. 

Gunjan Antique Armlets:

A culmination of tradition and modern elements, this jewelry set looks lovely on any kind of sari. As part of the monsoon collection, the beautiful peacock motifs colored CZs, and fine detail makes this a winner. The simplicity in style speaks volumes, while the comfortable fit makes it a cherished choice for many women. 

Rangan Antique Armlets:

Made from high-quality kempu stones in red and green along with cluster pearls, this  beautiful armlet celebrates color and vibrance. A perfect accompaniment for many saris and traditional attire, the classy design radiates beauty and charm, making this a treasured piece of jewelry for many women. Add it to your collection too and enjoy draping it on for different wedding celebrations. 

Shishir Nakshatra CZ Armlets:

Another popular choice from the house of Tarinika is this CZ studded armlet, that comes in a beautiful and fine design. High-quality gold plating, a beautiful drop pearl, and a grand play of design makes this a heart-winner. Easily adjustable bands ensure that it fits perfectly on your arm, without slipping off. 

One is always spoilt for choice at the Tarinika store. While the above-listed pieces are some of our favorites, feel free to pick your own favorite  @shoptarinika. With a vivid plethora of designs beckoning, you at our online store, do keep a tab of our latest work. Also, if you need suggestions on buying other pieces of jewelry to complement your armlets and anklets or are looking for complete sets, do write to us.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan