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Indian Jewellery! Answer to What Jewellery to Wear This Wedding Season

  • 3 min read

Wondering what jewelry to wear for the upcoming wedding season? Fret no more, for Indian jewelry is here to add glitz, glamor, and grandeur to your attire. Whether you're a guest at an important wedding, a close family member of the bride, the bride's sister, or the bride herself, Indian jewelry has the best options to keep your look sorted. Also, irrespective of whether you're putting on a ghagra-choli/ lehenga or draping a sari, Indian jewelry can easily complement any attire. In this article, we will show you a few ways and options on how to best wear Indian jewelry. 

Charm Of Chokers 

One of the best ways to complement a beautiful neckline is with a beautiful choker. This important accessory in a wedding attire suits women of all age groups. From the pretty teenagers who wish to flaunt their lehengas to the young women who are looking to complement their saris, chokers can be the answer. A beautiful choker set from Tarinika that wins many hearts is the Sana CZ antique choker set. With an antique polish and colored stones in variants, it is easy to find something that complements your attire. The unique setting of the CZ stones adds sparkle and style to this pretty piece. You can also opt for the geometric-design-inspired Mugdha CZ choker set, which comes with an 18k gold polish and plenty of oomph. 


Love With the Long Necklaces 

While the short chokers are a striking piece of jewelry, the long necklaces are often a preferred option as they complement different attires quite easily. Looking beautiful on silk saris, these necklaces can add effortless elan to your appearance. While you must choose a necklace length that highlights your best features, do keep a close eye on the quality of craftsmanship. In the limelight at Tarinika, is the beautiful Ushna Nakshatra CZ long necklace set. A careful layout of colored CZs shares the stage in amazing patterns and shapes. With fine detailing in every inch of the necklace, this one is a for sure head-turner. 

Marvellous Maang Tikas 

The easiest way to add glamor to a wedding outfit is with the addition of  maang tikas. A must-have for the bride, and a great accessory for the bridesmaids as well. However, while you go about choosing a maang tikka for yourself, do ensure that it suits your face type. A broad forehead is usually well complemented by a larger maang tika, while a narrow forehead can benefit from a slender design. You can also go for something like the Aariya Nakshatra CZ maang tikas. A highly preferred head accessory from Tarinika, this is a must-have for every jewelry box. The delicately designed CZ flowers, accentuated by colored CZs come together to craft a beautiful masterpiece. 

Alluring Range of Armlets 

Weddings are a time for some extra zing, and armlets can lend you just that much-needed amount of sparkle. Available in a vivid range of designs, there is much to choose from. One can either go for the traditionally styled armlets or even opt for more contemporary fashions. When it comes to choosing armlets, opt for a design that suits your attire and enhances the beauty of your arms. You can choose to wear the armlet over the sleeve of your blouse or at a lower level, depending on what suits you best. A grand design is the Aariya Nakshatra CZ armlets. Inspired by a design philosophy similar to its maang tika counterpart, pretty CZs are seen to share the stage with colored stones. Tiny pearls accentuate the look of this pretty accessory that's lightweight, stunning, comfortable and easy to wear, and glamorous too. 

Authentically Crafted Antique jewelry 

With weddings being a celebration of culture and traditions, antique jewelry is a great accessory to adorn for such occasions. With a dull finish, the intricate craftsmanship gets a grand stage to be showcased here. Fascinating elements of gods and goddesses, flora and fauna dance together to craft jewels that speak of rich heritage and grand celebrations. A much-preferred style for Indian weddings today, the Anjali antique necklace set is elaborate, beautiful, and just the thing that should be there in your jewelry box. Intricate workmanship shines resplendently along the length of the necklace, and a beautiful pendant and matching earrings complete the show. 

A wide variety of jewelry awaits you @shoptarinika. Keep an eye on the latest designs and ensure that you get the best for the upcoming wedding celebration. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan