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Indian Necklaces Vs Indian Bracelets – Style Trends in 2022

  • 3 min read

Indian jewelry is vivid, versatile, and vivacious, so much so that it often becomes difficult to choose. As the wide variety of options literally spoils us for choice, the toughest decisions we face are between choosing necklaces or bracelets. Needless to say, both are beautiful pieces of jewelry on their own, and even together. This article takes you through some beautiful options in both these categories. Also, read about what to choose for which dresses and occasions. 

Slender Bracelets vs Dainty Necklaces 

A slender and beautifully crafted bracelet can accentuate your wrist like no other piece of jewelry can. However, do choose a design that suits your wrists. Look for elements like a color highlight to enhance the look. Such bracelets are a great choice for young teenagers who like to keep their jewelry options fuss-free. Not just that, slender bracelets also look great as work-wear jewelry, as they're lightweight and easy to manage. The Jalaja lotus bud bracelet from Tarinika is a delightful choice. Highlighted with pastel lotus bud accents, this piece of jewelry is perfect for any occasion, casual or formal. 

If your love veers more towards dainty necklaces, then these are great at enhancing the beauty of a slender neck. If you're one who carries off necklaces with a lot of elan, opt for designs that complement your attire and neckline. Allow the necklace to showcase its splendor. Choose necklaces that are unique in design, like the Jalaja lotus motifs layered pearl necklace. With a fascinating color palette of pastel pinks, pearly off-whites, and pastel greens, this is great as party wear or for special occasions. 

You can also choose to wear both a bracelet and necklace along with earrings for special parties and events. 

Antique Bangles vs Antique Necklaces 

One of the most attractive sections at any jewelry store is the antique design-based jewelry section. A rich finish, elaborate craftsmanship, attention to detail, and elements of flora and fauna from the past are a few aspects of this category of jewelry. Also, alluring is the usage of Gods and Goddesses and elements of the divine, that enhance its rapture. Given the design of antique jewelry, you can opt to wear it both for formal and casual occasions. However, go for slender and classy options when choosing workwear. Alternatively, if you're dressing for grand occasions like a wedding, then choose elaborate pieces or statement jewelry. 

In antique bangles, Tarinika offers quite an extensive collection. One of our preferred pieces includes the Oma antique bangles. A simple yet breathtaking design, the colored CZs enhance the look of this lovely pair. Suitable for simple parties and grand weddings, these look great on dresses, saris, and salwar suits too. 

A beautiful antique necklace set is a must-have in your jewelry box, for it can be a savior on many occasions. Choose a set that's the right length and suits your body type. Also, choose traditional earrings that complete the set. The Arpana antique necklace set is a great piece to invest in. Traditional jhumkas laced with pretty pearls, bring the ethnic look to the fore. However, it is the detailed workmanship on the necklace that takes the cake. Beautifully done, with traditional elements and motifs tying the look together, you can wear it for light parties or weddings as well.

Shimmering Bracelets vs Glittering Neckpieces 

CZ studded bracelets and necklaces always have our heart. A great choice for grand evenings, and these are also the right jewelry to wear at evening parties. However, remember to choose jewelry that complements the color palette of your attire. Also, consider jewelry that matches your skin tone.  

CZ bracelet lovers should consider purchasing something like the Sarang antique bangles. Colorful CZs come together in a brilliant array of beautiful floral designs to craft this masterpiece. Available in a pair of two bangles, you can also choose to wear these as statement jewelry or augment other jewelry pieces for special occasions. 

The Shir Nakshatra CZ necklace set is a perfect example of glittering splendor. As pastel shades and colored CZs in fascinating shapes come together, this will be a piece you will fall in love with. The beautiful stone pendant and matching earrings along with lightweight and superior make-quality will ensure that you enjoy wearing this piece for a long time to come. 

To find more designs where these came from, check our latest work  @shoptarinika, where splendor waits.

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan