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Indian Jewelry: Style Tips from Tarinika

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Do you find yourself admiring your beautiful Indian jewelrycollection yet hesitate to wear it because you are unsure how to style it? If you have Indian jewelry that often remains untouched simply because you lack the confidence or don't know how to incorporate it into your everyday attire, stress no more. Our easy bunch of styling tips will help you learn how to unlock the potential of your Indian jewelry sets and transform them from neglected treasures into cherished wardrobe staples.

Style Your Indian Jewelry – Tarinika’s Tips & Tricks

Play With Metal Combos

Mixing silver and gold toned jewelry has long been considered a fashion faux pas. However, it has emerged as a bold styling choice that adds depth and dimension to any outfit. When mixing metals, the key is to strike a balance between the two tones. Start by selecting a statement piece in one metal tone and style it with complementary pieces in the opposite tone. For example, pair a gold-tone Indian necklace like our Statement Fish Oxidized Hasli Necklace with silver hoop earrings like the Fish Oxidized Hoop Earrings or stack silver-tone Indian bangles alongside a gold watch.

An image of a silver hoop earrings which has fish motifs
Fish Oxidized Hoop Earrings

Stack Up Your Jewelry

The beauty of layering and stacking jewelry lies in its endless possibilities. Your few Indian jewelry sets can create multiple looks and showcase your favorite pieces in a fresh new way. Layer your Indian necklaces of various lengths and styles to create visual interest. Pair your delicate Indian choker necklace with a longer pendant necklace. You can layer multiple chains of varying thickness for a more eclectic look. Rings are another essential element of layered jewelry styling. Create an appealing stack by styling a statement Kundan ring like the Joytika Kundan Ring with delicate midi rings for a dramatic look.

An image of a woman showcasing a kundan finger ring, crafted with kundan stones.
Joytika Kundan Ring


Choose The Focal Point

Settle on a single piece of jewelry as the highlight of your outfit. If you style a bold statement necklace, keep your rings and earrings minimal. This ensures that the necklace remains the focal point of your look without competing with other accessories for attention. If you prefer to showcase a stunning pair of Indian jhumka earrings, you might wear a sleek pendant or skip the necklace altogether. Determine the focal point and ensure that other accessories and attire complement it.

Jewelry To Complement Your Outfit

Coordinatethejewelry with your outfit by selecting pieces that complement thecolor and design of your clothing.If you are wearing a dress with blue accents, choosejewelry with blue gemstones or embellishments to tie the look together. Ifyour outfit features geometric patterns, consider accessorizing withjewelry with similar shapes or motifs for a cohesive appearance. The key here is toconsider thecolor,textureand style of your clothing.Balance your busyoutfit with understatedjewelry to avoid overwhelming the overall look.Alternatively, add a pop ofcolor withyourjewelrytothoseminimalist and monochromatic outfits.

Let ustell youabout the specifics of styling your earrings, necklaces,banglesand various hair accessories now:

Tarinika's Tips On Styling Your Indian Jewelry

Tips On Styling Your Earrings

Earrings naturally catch the eye when anyone has a conversation with you. They subtly frame your face and enhance your overall appearance. Consider your face shape and hair length while styling Indian earrings like Chandbali, traditional jhumkas or studs. A simple hack is to choose the earrings opposite to your face's features. For example, dangle or drop earrings can elongate a round face, while studs or small hoops complement angular or square-shaped faces. Here’s a brief overview to help you determine which Indian earrings best complement your facial structure.

Face Shape 

Earring Types 



Indian Jhumka earrings or Chandbalis can help elongate the face. Avoid circular or button earrings that can emphasize roundness. 



Most earring styles are flattering for oval faces due to their balanced proportions.  



Soften angular features with rounded earrings such as hoops or teardrops. Avoid geometric shapes that accentuate squareness and opt for styles with gentle curves. 


Balance a wider forehead with earrings that add volume to the lower part of the face, such as chandelier or teardrop earrings. Avoid overly wide or heavy styles that can overwhelm the narrow chin. 


Complement the cheekbones by choosing earrings that emphasize width at the jawline, such as triangular or oval-shaped styles. Avoid narrow or elongated earrings, which can further elongate the face. 


Add width to the face with round or clustered earrings such as studs, hoops, or button styles. 


Style Your Necklaces Like A Pro

Always consider the neckline of your outfit to match the necklace. A general rule of thumb is that the necklace should either be shorter than the neckline or long enough to sit above it. Opt for shorter necklaces like choker sets If you are wearing a crew neck or high neckline. If you are wearing a plunging neckline or a V-neck, consider longer necklaces that extend below the neckline. Here's a quick overview of the neckline type and recommended necklace styles.

Neckline Type 

Recommended Necklace Styles 


Long chain pendant necklaces 


Hasli or choker necklaces 


Elaborate Kundan necklaces, Raani Haar 

Boat neck 

Indian beads necklace 

High neck 

Indian choker necklaces 

V- shape 

Long pendant or necklace sets 


Styling Tips For Indian Hair Accessories

Indian hair accessories like maang tikka or hair brooches accentuate your hairstyle and contribute to the overall elegance of your face. A sleek maang tikka is ideal for a smaller forehead. Alternatively, a heavy matha patti will compliment you if you have a broad forehead space. Style your hair with traditional hair brooches if you want a unique look.

As a bonus tip, we highly recommend properly caring for your Indian jewelry to ensure longevity and luster. “How to store Indian jewelry?” is what we are asked the most. Store your jewelry in a cool, dry place away from sunlight and moisture to prevent tarnishing and damage. Regularly clean your jewelry or get it professionally cleaned to maintain its brilliance.

Save the blog for future reference whenever you are overwhelmed and unsure how to style your Indian jewelry. We genuinely hope it helps!

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan