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Jhumka Earrings: The Perfect Accessory for Every Outfit

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We are sure you must have heard or even worn Indian jhumka earrings if you are a jewellery lover like us. If you are not familiar, jhumka earrings are these gorgeous traditional Indian earrings that have been stealing hearts for centuries.

What Are Jhumka Earrings?

The word Jhumka is derived from the Sanskrit word "Jhumki," which refers to the traditional Indian bell-shaped earrings. The jhumka earrings feature a dome-shaped base crafted with filigree work, beads or gemstones. It further has a suspended bell-shaped pendant that swings freely and emits a delicate jingling sound with movement.

From the luxurious Kundan Jhumkas of Rajasthan to the intricate Temple Jimikki earrings of the South, there is a style to suit every taste and occasion. These versatile earrings serve as the perfect accessory for every outfit.

Let us explore some of the different types of Jhumka earrings found across India and you might discover potential glimpses of what are some of the latest trends in jhumka earrings.

Hoop Jhumka Earrings

Hoopjhumkas have a modern twist on traditional design. The earringsfeature a hoop suspended with a dome or bell-shaped base.Hoopjhumkas can be dressed up or down for the occasion.Style themwith sarees and lehengas for festive celebrations.Pair your hoopjhumkas witha simple salwar suitfor a casual look.

Beaded Jhumka Earrings

Beaded Jhumkas are a delightful variation of traditional Jhumka earrings. They feature intricate beadwork that adds texture, color, and vibrancy to these charming accessories. The attractive beaded jhumkas can seamlessly transition from day to night. Wear them to brunch with friends for a playful look, and transition them to evening wear by pairing them with a chic cocktail dress or evening gown.

Jaali Work Jhumka Earrings

Jaali work Jhumkas are beautiful pieces of jewelry that showcase intricate lattice or mesh patterns. These earrings feature a dome base crafted with carved or perforated designs that create a mesmerizing play of light and shadow. Our Dancing Lady Antique Earrings are the perfect example of jaali work jhumkas. These unique jhumka earrings remind us of the delicate craftsmanship found in architectural jaali screens prevalent in Indian palaces and temples.

An image of Indian jhumkas with jaali work where the pattern of the jhumkas are dancing ladies.
Dancing Lady Antique Earrings

Pearl Jhumka Earrings

The classic pearl jhumkas are typically embellished with pearls of varying sizes and shapes. The combination of intricate metalwork and the natural beauty of pearls creates a striking contrast. It results in earrings that are both lustrous and refined. Add a feminine touch to your professional look by pairing pearl jhumkas with a tailored pantsuit in a neutral color such as black, navy or charcoal grey. You can also opt for a solid cotton saree in pastel shades to complement the luminous quality of the pearls.

An image of a woman wearing a pearl jhumkas
Matar AntiqueJhumka Earrings 

Floral Jhumka Earrings

Floral jhumkas incorporate delicate floral designs carved into the metal base. These floral motifs are usually studded with precious beads and gemstones. The floral motifs reflect the earrings' nature-inspired beauty. The floral jhumkas create a romantic and ethereal aesthetic that appeals to women of all ages. Style the floral Jhumka earrings for daytime garden parties or outdoor events to embrace the beauty of nature and incorporate elements of floral elegance into your ensemble.

A picture of a woman showcasing a jhumka with floral motif
Abishta AntiqueJhumka Earrings 

Double-Layered Jhumka Earrings

Double layered Jhumkas offer a striking twist on the traditional Indian Jhumka earring design. These unique earrings typically consist of a larger Jhumka suspended from the earlobe with a smaller Jhumka hanging delicately below. The combination of the two tiers adds depth and drama to the earrings. Our Brilliance Two Layer Jhumka Earrings is the ideal double-layer jimikki earring. Wear these big jhumka earrings for glamorous evening galas, red-carpet events or upscale gatherings to make a stylish statement and add glamour to your outfit.

An image of a woman wearing double layered jhumkas
Brilliance Two Layer Jhumka Earrings

Afghani Jhumka Earrings

Afghanijhumkas are characterized bytheir bold and rustic aesthetic.They typically featuresilver as the base metal, which includes embossed patterns and filigree detailing.Thebigjhumka earrings are usually embellished with bells or beads, contributing to their distinctive and eye-catching appearance. Pair the Afghanijhumkas with a kaftan tunic from Morocco or a handwoven shawl from India for a global fusion look that celebrates diversity andcraftsmanship. 

Kashmiri Jhumka Earrings

Kashmirijhumkas are a type ofdejhoor earringsrenowned for their unique design.Theyfeature a distinctive long chain connectingboth earring ends to a dome or bell-shapedJhumka base. The vibrantcolor palette of the Kashmirijhumkas includesvivid hues such as turquoise, cobalt blue, emerald green and ruby red.These earrings symbolize Kashmir's rich heritage and arefrequently worn on important occasions like weddings.If you wonderhow to wear Kashmirijhumka earrings,style these ethnic beauties with aKashmiri phiran for a traditional look orpair them with yourfavorite saree or lehenga for aclassy look. 

Kundan Jhumka Earrings

Kundan jhumkas are a symbol of luxury and royalty. They are crafted using the Kundan setting technique, which involves setting uncut polki or glass in gold foil. Our Abelia Kundan Jhumki Earrings reflect the mythical grace and grandeur of traditional Kundan jewelry. The Kundan jhumkas are perfect for styling at grand occasions like weddings or red-carpet events for a royal look.

A close up image of a pair of Kundan jhumkasa
Abelia Kundan Jhumki Earrings

Oxidized Jhumka Earrings

Oxidized jhumkas are crafted from metals such as sterling silver or brass, which undergo oxidation. This process intentionally darkens the metal surface to achieve a distinct matte or antique finish. The oxidation process creates a striking contrast between the darkened areas and the polished or textured details of the earrings. Oxidized jhumkas, like the Maati Jhumki Antique Oxidized Earrings, have a rustic appeal and a vintage look. You can style these small jhumka earrings daily for an effortless traditional and boho look.

An image of a woman wearing oxidized jhumkas
Maati Jhumki Antique Oxidized Earrings


The iconicIndianjhumka earringscontinue to captivate millionsof hearts andserve as symbols of tradition and culture.In a world where fashion trends come and go,Jhumka earrings stand the test of time to remain eternally chic and relevant. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How to style jhumka earrings?

Wearing Jhumka earrings is all about expressing your personal style and confidence. Experiment with different types of jhumka styles and sizes to find what works best for you. Consider the occasion and your style when selecting the size of your Jhumkas. Go for small jhumka earrings that are lightweight and comfortable for a casual look. Style your big jhumka earrings to make a statement for special events or formal occasions. 

How to wear Kashmiri jhumka earrings?  

Kashmiri Jhumka earrings pair beautifully with traditional Indian attire such as sarees, salwar suits and lehengas. Style them with outfits in rich fabrics like silk or chiffon to complement the enamel detailing of the earrings. You can pair Kashmiri Jhumkas with contemporary outfits like dresses or tunics for a fusion look. 

What are some of the latest trends in Jhumka earrings?  

The latest trends in Jhumka earrings reflect a diverse range of styles, such as oxidized jhumkas, floral jhumkas, Kundan jhumkas, and minimalistic pearl jhumkas.

Do jhumka earrings go with only an Indian outfit?  

Jhumka earrings are traditionally associated with Indian attire, but they can be styled to complement a wide range of outfits beyond traditional Indian clothing. You can pair your jhumka earrings with Western outfits like tunics, blouses, and jeans to create a stylish fusion look. Jhumka earrings also pair well with bohemian maxi dresses for a relaxed look. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan