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Necklines and Accessories: How to Choose Jewelry Based on Different Outfits

  • 5 min read

Finding the Perfect Jewelry for Your Outfit 

In the realm of fashion, every detail counts – especially when it comes to choosing the right jewelry to complement your outfit. Your neckline, that elegant canvas for adornment, plays a pivotal role in determining the kind of jewelry that will enhance your ensemble. At Tarinika US, we understand that the interplay between necklines and jewelry is an art. Our high-quality brass alloy jewelry is designed to amplify your style quotient while harmonizing with different necklines.  

If you’re ever unsure of how to get your neckline and jewelry to match, look no further than this blog!  

Elevating Your Look  

Ever stood in front of the mirror, contemplating which necklace would suit your outfit best? The frustration of not finding the right piece to match your neckline can be quite overwhelming. Here's where Tarinika comes to your rescue. Our exquisite jewelry range is crafted to effortlessly elevate your look, providing you with an array of options that perfectly harmonize with your chosen neckline. 

Necklines come in a variety of designs and so does jewelry, which makes choosing matching products with your clothes a bit hard. That’s why we made a list of necklines and jewelry that will fit best with them: 

Sweetheart Neckline 

The sweetheart neckline typically features a gently curved, concave design that plunges downward in the center, forming two curves that resemble the. This neckline style is known for its romantic and flattering appearance as it accentuates the décolletage and enhances the bust area. 


  1. Earrings:
  • Sunlit Delicate CZ Earrings 

 The Sunlit Delicate CZ Earrings are a brilliant cubic zirconia set that will make you shine from any distance. Shine bright with these tempting earrings and  wear them on bold coloured tops to make them pop!  

  • Eiza Statement Earrings 

The Eiza Statement Earrings are a beautiful, customizable set of statement earrings that you can wear with anything but will go best with a sweetheart neckline.  For a neckline like the Sweetheart, choose the silver-plated with pink enamel variant, sure to sit just right on your earlobe, swinging with your every movement. 

Halter Top Necklines 

A halter top neckline is a style of clothing, typically found in tops or dresses, characterized by a strap that wraps around the back of the neck to provide support and secure the garment in place. This style leaves the shoulders and most of the back bare while emphasizing the neck and upper chest area.  

  1. Pendant Sets:

Pendant sets look best with halter top necklines because they create a focal point for your outfit and tie it together. These are some of our recommendations to be worn with halter top necklines 

  • Tina Antique Pendant Set 

The Tina Antique Pendant Set may be antique but is sure to go with anything you want to style it with – especially halter top necklines. The length of the pendant necklace is just enough so that the necklace doesn’t sit too high on your collarbone, and the beautiful CZ pendant draws all the attention to it! 

  • Sanie Delicate CZ Pendant Set 

The  Sanie Delicate CZ Pendant Set is the perfect fit for your favorite halter top! The design on this pendant set resembles teardrops with a beautiful design on the inside. Pair these with a darker colored halter top for the best look!

Straight Across Necklines 

A straight-across neckline, also known as a "straight neckline" or "bandeau neckline," is a style of neckline commonly found in dresses and tops. It is characterized by a horizontal, straight line that runs across the chest, typically positioned above or at the collarbone. This neckline design creates a flat, horizontal shape that spans from one shoulder to the other, without any curves or dips. 

     3. Choker Necklaces 

Choker necklaces pair wonderfully with these necklines on tops or dresses, since the neck and collarbone are generally left bare in this style of dress. 

  • Suhani Kundan Choker Set 

TheSuhani Kundan Choker Set is a versatile Kundan choker set that you can mix with a Western-style straight-across top or dress to make it pop. Or just wear it with an ethnic outfit that has a similar neckline. 

  • Calliope Greek Choker 

TheCalliope Greek Choker is a beautiful choker necklace that comes in two variants – red and green, and will go perfectly with a light-colored straight-across top. You can choose to add earrings to this ensemble or keep your ears bare. Either look will suit this choker necklace.

Asymmetrical Neckline 

 In an asymmetrical neckline, one side of the neckline is typically lower or higher than the other, creating an appealing and stylish asymmetry. This design can take various forms, including diagonal cuts, one-shoulder styles, or off-center necklines. Asymmetrical necklines add a touch of modernity and edginess to clothing, making them a popular choice for fashion-forward individuals looking to make a unique style statement.  

For an asymmetrical neckline, drop earrings go best, as necklaces tend to draw attention away from the asymmetry of the top. 

  • - Nature Inspired CZ Drop Earrings 

TheNature Inspired CZ Drop Earrings  will suit your asymmetrical top perfectly. Coming in a variety of stones and antique gold and silver plated finishes, these CZ earrings will have you looking your best for any outing. 

  • Jalaja Delicate Floral Drop Earrings 

TheJalaja Delicate Floral Drop Earrings are simple pearl-chained earrings with floral drops. These earrings are understated, yet elegant enough to be noticed along with your asymmetrical top. Pair them with a light-colored top of your choice!

The reason behind the perfect synergy between Tarinika jewelry and different necklines lies in our commitment to enhancing your personal expression. Our jewelry fills the gap by offering pieces that resonate with your style, making you feel authentically you. Each design is a manifestation of craftsmanship, designed to complement various necklines, ensuring that you not only look beautiful but also feel confident.  

Imagine the delight of wearing the "Lekha Set" with a straight across neckline – the intricate meenakari work seamlessly enhancing the neckline's grace. Or the elegance of the "Vedika Set" with a straight across neckline, its solitaire pendant subtly capturing attention. Tarinika jewelry becomes the bridge that connects your neckline to your jewelry, resulting in a harmonious blend that exudes style and charm. 

As you grace your special occasions with Tarinika's jewelry, remember that our pieces are more than just accessories – they're the culmination of your style story. Explore our blogs for more insights and inspiration, as we continue to evolve the art of adorning necklines with the timeless allure of high-quality brass jewelry. 

  • Blog by: Anil Bains