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Unlocking the Charm of Antique Indian Jewelry with Modern Ensembles with Tarinika

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In the world of fashion, the allure of history never truly fades. Antique jewelry is a style that is so immersed in the traditional Indian styles of jewelry-making that one never attempts to look at this style as one that can be worn with more than one outfit style. 

That couldn't be further from the truth, however. These jewelry styles can be comfortably worn with any kind of outfit, especially Western and fusion outfits. If you feel confused about how to make this shift towards a fusion look, read along to find more ways to create the best looks with jewelry from Tarinika!  

When looking for jewelry that matches your outfit, do you think of switching it up for some antique pieces? The yearning for jewelry that celebrates heritage while embracing the modern aesthetic is natural. Here enters Tarinika US, offering the perfect solution – the seamless blend of antique Indian jewelry with contemporary flair. Our pieces are designed not just to complete an outfit but to narrate a journey, a history, and an identity.

*List of Products: Embracing Legacy, Ushering in the New*  

Here are some treasures from our antique collections we think you’d love to try:  

 -Azba Peacock Statement Antique Pear-Shaped Earrings:


Adorn your ears with theAzba Peacock Statement Antique Pear Shaped Earrings echoing the intricate designs of eras gone by. These beautiful earrings are one-of-a-kind statement pieces that can be worn with absolutely anything, most importantly, your western outfits!

 - Azba Statement Floral Jhumki Antique Choker: 

TheAzba Statement Floral Jhumki Antique Choker captures the regal splendor of Indian tradition. Another beautiful statement piece, why not try styling it with a white T-shirt and a long paisley skirt?  

   - Azba Peacock Floral Antique Chain Bracelet:

TheAzba Peacock Floral Antique Chain Bracelet offers a touch of vintage charm, embracing your wrists. Pair this with a few bangles or a wristwatch on the other hand for a fusion look. 

   - Azba Peacock Antique Pendant:

TheAzba Peacock Antique Pendant tells a story of heritage through contemporary elegance. With its beautiful crescent moon design on gold-plated brass alloy, wear this pearl-embellished beauty with your favorite lehenga-blouse ensemble for the best results!

Fish Motif Oxidised Silver Plated and Antique Gold Plated Jewelry 

You know that Indian jewelry comes with several nature-based motifs and subsequent meanings and mythologies surrounding them. Fish motifs in Indian tribal jewelry connote wealth and prosperity coming into your life, and are thus seen as a positive symbol. Tarinika’sContemporary collection features several such motifs, and we’d like to show you a few that we love:

   - Fish and Pearl Oxidized Classic Earrings: 

Adorn your ears with theFish and Pearl Oxidized Classic Earrings, infusing divinity into your style. These adorable earrings come with the choice of oxidised silver plating or antique gold plating, so you get to choose! Add this to a simple work outfit or to a bold colored jumpsuit and watch the fish gleam!  

   - Hooked Fish Oxidized Chain Necklace: 

TheHooked Fish Oxidized Chain Necklace is a fun take on fishing and necklaces. Add this fun necklace to your ensemble to add a twist to your appearance.

    - Fish Oxidized Cuff Bracelet:


TheFish Oxidized Cuff Bracelet radiates divine grace as your wrists glow with it. Enhance your outfit with this beautiful cuff bracelet as cuff brace

   - Double Fish Oxidized Beads Chain Necklace: 


TheDouble Fish Oxidized Beads Chain Necklace carries the essence of devotion with contemporary grace.  

Why Tarinika US? Because we bridge the gap between tradition and trend. Our pieces are more than jewelry; they are conduits of stories, conversations, and legacies. With our blend of antique Indian jewelry and contemporary design, we offer you the chance to adorn yourself and express your identity, unique and beautiful.  

Imagine attending an event, wearing the 'Gauri Temple Choker Set.' The grace of tradition mingles seamlessly with modern trends, making you a living canvas of heritage. At this climax, Tarinika  jewelry becomes not just an accessory but a conversation starter, an emblem of your taste and heritage.  

As your event concludes, the essence of your adorned elegance lingers. Tarinika a jewelry brand renowned for its high-quality brass jewelry is here to take you on this captivating journey of cultural fusion and elegance to new heights. Explore more captivating narratives by following Tarinika US blogs. Each piece you wear carries the echo of time, a story of legacy and a promise of tomorrow.

  • Blog by: Anil Bains