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7 jewelry designs inspired by nature

  • 3 min read

Artists constantly take inspiration from the world around them—the same holds for jewelry designers, not just in the present age but also in the yesteryears. With a rich history of hundreds of years, it is fascinating to see how the beautiful nature around humankind has translated itself into beautiful designs that range from contemporary to traditional. When it comes to Indian jewelry, you too may have seen such pieces in your mother's or grandmother's collection.   

Be it black beads, Indian bangles, necklaces, or the maang tika; we bring you a list of seven such nature-inspired designs. Do look out for these eternal beauties on your next trip. 


Mango motifs or paisleys: 

Perhaps one of the oldest known designs, these motifs are trendy in Indian Jhumkas earrings, necklaces, and mang tikas as well. These are fascinating for their beauty, but did you know that they are also a symbol of fertility and are considered an auspicious design? With rich Indian history associated with these, mango motifs have also been influenced and thereby found a space in Mughal and Persian designs. 



One of the most beautiful gifts of nature are the bright, colorful, vividly scented, and shaped flowers. While it is tough to capture everything into the design, jewelry makers have done their best to take flowers' inspiration. Designers constantly create pieces such as earrings, necklaces, and even finger rings with floral motifs, whether the divine lotus, rose, or other flowers. Some even use semi-precious stones to bring in the colors, while other designs focus on the shape of pretty blossoming flowers and buds. 



Another design that is much preferred for its beauty is the patterning of leaves. Be it the betel or pipal leaves, which are considered auspicious, to other delicate leaves; the jewelry designer continues to amaze at the variety they can tap from these natural elements. Inspiring from the shape and arrangement of leaves constantly leads to fascinating new designs that delight the soul. Floral vines that combine elements of both flowers and leaves lend fluidity to design and continue to amaze. 



Be it the holy Rudraksha that is replicated on metal, or the shape of a range of seed grains, everything translates into the design for the jewelry artist. Considered auspicious, seed-inspired designs constantly find a place, especially in traditional jewelry. 



Besides being inspired by nature's flora, its fauna is a thing of beauty that earns our love and appreciation. Be it the traditional elephant motif, that's considered auspicious because of its reference to the Indian God Ganesha, other animals such as cats, lions, tigers, and beautiful insects like butterflies, dragonflies, bees, etc. also find their space in the design. Not just these, today's talented designers can craft your favorite animal just for your unique piece of jewelry.  

Birds: The beautiful swans, peacocks, flamingos, parrots, and love birds are difficult to create to precision. However, designers constantly surpass the formidable hurdles and can make jewelry to fall in love with. A multitude of variety greets the eye and warms the soul. While traditional Indian jewelry would showcase more peacocks, swans, and parrots, designers are also creating designs with owls and other birds in the current age. 



Isn't it fascinating to note that the ingenuity of designers has made it possible for them even to capture the fluidity of water? While shapeless in itself, the wave pattern of water has been used to craft flowing jewelry designs. Such patterns can commonly be seen in bangles and bracelets and Indian anklets as well. Then there's the beauty of water drops, which have led to the creation of teardrop or water drop designs, which are popular in earrings, necklaces, and pendants as well.  


Nature is an inspiration for designers and artists. Jewelry inspired by nature is always a favorite for women, for it connects you to the beautiful world around you. With a range of designs in a plethora of materials and colors now available, do begin your search too, and find your piece of nature to adorn.  

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan