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Trendiest Jewelry of 2022 by Tarinika

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The year is winding down, and everyone is looking forward to the New Year celebrations to begin! From fashionistas to novices, everyone is devouring fashion magazines to know about the trendiest styles this year.  

For those planning to go ethnic or add a traditional touch to their celebrations, if you are searching for jewelry inspirations, then you are in luck! We have compiled a list of our most popular jewelry designs this year, considering the preferences and ratings of our customers. So, without further ado, let us look into the most favored Tarinika styles of 2022:

Top Rated Jewelry Styles of 2022

tarinika best rated jewelry styles

Temple jewelry has enjoyed immense popularity over the years, and the popularity doesn’t seem to fade any time soon. Temple designs remain one of the most loved jewelry designs in the present time as well. But with evolving times, the preference for subtle, minimalist pieces is growing, as evidenced by the best-rated jewelry trend on Tarinika sites. These are the 3 best-rated Tarinka jewelry considering the ratings on Tarinika and marketplaces such as Amazon, Etsy, and Pinterest:

1. Hrida Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set:

The Hrida Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set has a lovely chandbali pendant and earrings embellished with dazzling Nakshatra CZ stones. Set in antique gold plating, it is a classy piece that looks fabulous with sarees.

tarinika hrida nakshatra cz long necklace set

2. Jalaja Layered Pearl Hanging Earrings:

The Jalaja Collection by Tarinika is inspired by Lotus flowers and pearls from the ocean. Jalaja Layered Pearl Hanging Earrings showcase pink enameled lotus blossoms and green leaves with layers of pearls forming a loop around them. The delicate earrings are one of the most loved Tarinika earrings.  

tarinika jalaja layered pearl hanging earring lotus motif

3. Cira Antique Necklace Set:

Our Cira Antique Necklace Set is one of the best-reviewed antique temple design necklace sets. With enchanting peacock and Goddess Lakshmi motifs and encrusted with high-quality colored CZ stones, the necklace set makes a beautiful addition to your attire on traditional Indian occasions and weddings. 
tarinika cira antique necklace set

Bestselling Jewelry of 2022

tarinika most sold jewelry styles

This year, we saw a healthy spike in the sale of our antique temple jewelry pieces. Owing to the unique designs, carvings, and significance attached to temple jewelry, they remain one of the most popular and timeless jewelry designs. Check out some of our most sold pieces:

1. Saroja Antique Necklace Set:

One of the best traditional pieces, our Saroja Antique Necklace Set is made from freshwater pearls and kempu stones set in beautiful antique gold plating that adds a traditional element to your look on any occasion.

tarinika saroja antique necklace set

2. Uri Delicate CZ Necklace Set:

The Uri Delicate CZ Necklace Set radiates luxury with stunning CZ stones used in making the necklace set. It is available in three variants - white, white red, and white green.

tarinika uri delicate cz necklace set

3. Arpana Antique Necklace Set:

Discover the timeless elegance of our Arpana Antique Necklace Set. Set in unique antique gold plating with high-quality CZ stones and jhumka earrings, the necklace set is the perfect choice for dressing up in style for weddings and Indian festivals.

tarinika arpana antique necklace set

Tarinika Arpana Antique Necklace Set

Most Gifted Jewelry Products of 2022

tarinika most gifted jewelry styles

High-quality fashion jewelry is always a wonderful idea when it comes to choosing gifts for your loved ones. This holiday season, we saw increased demand for classy and quirky jewelry designs for gifting purposes. Here are some popular choices for you:  

1. Jalaja Lotus Motifs Layered Pearl Necklace:

The delicate Jalaja Lotus Motifs Layered Pearl Necklace is the perfect gift for birthdays, graduation days, and other special occasions. Made with enameled pastel hues and clustered pearls, the necklace can be worn on traditional and contemporary occasions.

tarinika jalaja lotus motifs layered pearl necklace

2. Dazzling CZ Bangles:

The unique geometric patterns engraved on the delicate Dazzling CZ Bangles with sparkling CZ stones make these bangles a perfect and popular gift choice for your loved ones.

tarinika dazzling cz bangles

3. Manju Nakshatra CZ Long Necklace Set:

As the name suggests, this necklace set showcases beautiful CZ stones set in antique gold plated brass alloy design. It can be easily worn for a party, wedding, or special function and will make you stand apart from the crowd.

tarinika manju nakshatra cz long necklace set


Best Rated Festive Jewelry of 2022

tarinika best rated festive jewelry styles

While traditional antique gold-plated fashion jewelry remained one of the must-haves during the festive season, high-quality Nakshatra CZ jewelry designs are garnering more and more admirers with the passing time for festive occasions. A few of our most loved festive jewelry pieces are:  

1. Kumud Antique Choker Set:

The beauty of Kumud Antique Choker Set lies in the unique geometric filigree patterns embellished with dangling golden metal balls. The pure antique gold plated choker set is one of the most popular jewelry for festive occasions.

tarinika kumud antique choker set

2. Adhira Gold Plated Kempu Jadau Earrings:

The Adhira Gold Plated Kempu Jadau Earrings are signature Tarinika earrings. Crafted in the age-old Jadau technique, the earrings are designed with enchanting floral and peacock motifs and embellished with kempu stones, pumpkin beads, and freshwater pearls. The earrings are one of our go-to jewelry designs for festive occasions.

tarinika adhira gold plated kempu jadau earrings

3. Lina Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set:

Designed to appeal to modern sensibilities, the Lina Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set has timeless floral designs adorned with bright CZ stones. The set comes in two variants - white and white red. It has a light summery appeal that can be easily carried off at cocktail parties or small gatherings.

tarinika lina nakshatra cz neckalce set

Best Rated Everyday Jewelry of 2022

tarinika best rated every day jewelry styles

Simple, minimalist styles suit the best when you wear jewelry daily. For every day, it is best to stick with simple lines so that you can go about your tasks easily and don’t have to worry about your jewelry or your look all the time. So, it’s smart to have a separate collection of jewelry that you can easily adorn every day with minimal fuss. We have curated our top 3 bestsellers of 2022. Have a look here:

1. Azba Peacock Antique Black Beads Necklace:

The lightweight Azba Peacock Antique Black Beads Necklace is a lovely black beads necklace from our specially curated Azba Collection. Its simple design with CZ encrusted peacock feather motifs, and golden drop beads pendant make it a most sought-after jewelry for wearing daily. 

tarinika azba peacock antique black beads necklace

2. Labanya Antique Bangles:

With their rusty antique gold appeal and eclectic pattern, the Labanya Antique Bangles are perfect for daily glamor. Encrusted with high-quality CZ stones, the bangles are one of our most favored pieces for everyday jewelry.

tarinika labanya antique bangles

3. Azba Statement String Pearl Necklace:

Azba Statement String Pearl Necklace is another piece from our Azba collection which is eminently wearable with everyday attire and can be worn to offices or casual outings easily. This statement piece has delicate pearl strings and elegant floral motifs embellished with CZ stones and golden drop beads.

tarinika azba statement pearl string necklace


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If you are interested in knowing more about antique imitation jewelry and the different designs available, check out ourComplete Buyer’s Guide to Antique imitation jewellery. 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan