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Online Shopping Jewelry for Raksha Bandhan - Making Your Life Easier

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Festive seasons in India bring us excitement and joyous moments. Among the many festivals, Raksha Bandhan is the quintessence of pure love between a brother and sister.  

Besides bonding with your sibling and praying for each other, this is a perfect occasion to surprise your sister with something precious which she could cherish throughout her life. And what can be more special than some breathtaking pieces of jewelry, that will make your sister glow with happiness. 

If you love the idea but face hurdles of choice and store safety during the pandemic, then we are here to help. Opening the exciting door of online shopping, we give you a guide on how to make smart choices that your sister is sure to gush over. Read on for more information. 


Malavi Nakshatra CZ Necklace Set

If your sister is fond of pretty necklaces, and you want your gift to look large and impressive, then the plethora of choices here can help. Among the various styles, choker necklaces are trending, and make for a great buy. Even though chokers have their origin from ancient times, they are back in the limelight.  

Choker Necklace 

Tiana Kundan Choker Set

Choker necklace covers a woman's neck entirely, and it encloses tightly. A few options to consider among chokers are- 

  • The antique choker necklace comes with fine detailing and gives you a royal look. Whether you wear it with retro-styled outfits or with contemporary ones, the antique chokers are perfect for festivals and pujas.  
  • Be it any occasion, Kundan choker necklace never go out of fashion. Brides nowadays consider a kundan choker to be a prominent part of the Indian bridal trousseau.  
  • Layered necklaces are another option that have always kept their place in the world of jewelry. They come in different layers ranging from 2-5.  


Adra Antique Bracelet

A much-loved piece of jewelry, bracelets can accentuate many an outfit. With various options available here, do ensure that you pick the right size for her. The exceptional blend of contemporary and traditional handcrafted beautiful bracelets is ideal for wearing with ethnic and western outfits. A few options to pick from include, 

  • The vintage bracelets, which look smart and embrace your wrist. These antique-style bracelets in India are popular because of their time-worn looks.  
  • Bangle bracelets are another great choice and often come with a clasp that secures the piece. 
  • You can also opt for chain link bracelets, charm bracelets and slider bracelets, with each option offering many pretty patterns. 


Aarna Antique Anklets

Anklets in India have played a notable role since our ancient culture. It signifies the warm welcome of Goddess Lakshmi. Women of all ages wear anklets as it is a sign of prosperity. However, one needn't be stuck with traditional designs, as a range of beautiful anklets are now available. 

Our anklet collections encompass antique adornment with various motifs and patterns, making them wearable for different occasions and casual wear. These handcrafted stone anklets beautifully surround your feet and enhance your look.  


Lisia Antique Earrings

These are one of the most popular forms of jewelry, and if your sister is fond of fashionable earrings, then this is a safe choice. An ethnic outfit or contemporary look is incomplete without earrings. It is one of the remarkable adornments for Indian women for a long time.  

Made with precise finesse, earring designs in our Tarinika collection are varied and magnificent. A few options you can pick from include, 

  • Bridal to Antique designs.  
  • You can opt for designs in Kundan too, as these handcrafted earrings are suitable for all occasions, including festivals, religious events, and pujas.  
  • A variety of designs ranging from heavy to lightweight are available. These are made to suit a range of occasions and cater to varied tastes.  

Jewelry Sets & Bridal Jewelry Sets 

Aariya Nakshatra CZ Bridal Set Supra Antique Necklace Set

Each of the above pieces can be purchased on its own, or as a complete set. You can also choose to pick bridal jewelry, which will enhance your sister’s bridal trousseau. With Indian bridal jewelry sets being the most precious adornment, a woman wears on her big day, these designer ornaments can be chosen to match any of the various occasions like sangeet, bidai or reception. 

The occasion of Raksha Bandhan marks the beautiful bond between siblings. Whatever you choose to buy for your sister, do ensure that it is something she will enjoy and that it fits her well. For more information on what to choose or to find the right fit, do come and explore the enchanting craftsmanship of jewelry on 

  • Blog by: Avik Sadhukhan